Baby Chairs - What's the Right Chair for My Baby and Situation?

The type of baby chair your infant needs depends on her age and your requirements. Baby seats of all types can be purchased from online sellers or in baby equipment stores. Before you buy, read on for some tips on deciding which type of chair is best for you and your baby.

Types Of Baby Chairs

Modern baby chairs are an important addition to your baby furniture collection, particularly as your baby gets older and becomes more active. There are chairs that relax your baby, entertain her, provide her with learning opportunities and send her off to sleep. Baby chairs come in all shapes and sizes, colors, materials and designs. Here are a few examples...

Baby Bouncers

The simplest bouncer chair is a low seat that supports the baby's whole body, including her head. These infant chairs are free standing, and are supported by springs allowing the seat to move gently. You can gently bounce your baby in the chair, giving her that rhythmic motion loved by babies. As your baby gets stronger, she'll be able to move the bouncer herself by kicking her legs and shifting her weight.

The baby is safely strapped into the bouncer which distributes her weight evenly across its structure and therefore guarantees no tipping or falling over.

Fancier bouncers come with accessories and baby-safe gadgets. Some baby seats vibrate, play music and come with detachable mobile baby toys hanging within your baby's line of vision. As she develops, she'll be able to reach out and grab the toys, some of which respond to touch by making noises or lighting up.

Baby bouncers can even be bought in a style that suits the interior décor of your home (for example, natural wood patterns). Many of them are collapsible for ease of transport.

Toddler Chairs

Toddler chairs may be specifically designed for your toddler's activities while sitting in the chair. Some come with detachable trays that are useful for meal times or playing games.

You can also find upholstered toddler furniture that coordinates with the décor of your child's nursery, your living room, etc. There are also toddler rocking chairs, reclining chairs, and chairs with flip-out leg supports. Some furniture sets even come with a chair and matching ottoman.

Baby High Chairs

By the time your baby is sitting up and eating solids, you're going to suffer if you don't have a high chair. High chairs are mainly used at meal times, but in a bind, they can be great for keeping your baby out of harm's way and within your field of vision while you cook a meal or get on with some other kitchen duties.

Most high chairs are made from easily-cleanable plastic, but there are designs in wood and metal too. Trays are often detachable. You can also buy "restaurant" high chairs without trays, bringing your baby or toddler closer to your table. Most high chairs are collapsible for easier transport or storage, but there are also travel friendly brands available, which are particularly lightweight and small when folded.

Like baby bouncers, high chairs come with all sorts of accessories, such as high chair covers and cushions in various designs, as well as bibs - very important for keeping your baby's new outfit clean!

Baby Chair Safety

All baby chairs should provide adequate means of harnessing your baby so that falling out is impossible. Chairs should also feel and look sturdy enough that the chair itself will not tip.

High chairs in particular can be a worry for parents. A safe high chair will have legs far enough apart to avoid tipping, and, if it's collapsible, legs that lock so the chair cannot collapse suddenly. The tray will lock securely into place and there will be straps to fasten in your child.

In the United States, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association runs a safety certification program for high chairs and many other baby products. You can check on their website for the brand names of recommended safe baby chairs.

Baby Shower Chairs

Unlike the other baby chairs we've talked about here, a baby shower chair is not for your baby, it's for you to sit in comfortably at your baby shower. White wicker chairs are the fashionable choice for seating the mother-to-be at shower events. These chairs are often decorated with ribbons and small baby gifts that the mother-to-be takes away with her at the end of the party. If you're organizing a baby shower, you can decorate one of your own pieces of furniture. Alternatively, you can hire or purchase a special wicker chair from one of the many baby shower outfitters that provide these products.

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