Diaper Bags - Convenient Way To Store And Carry Those Necessary Baby Diapers

Diaper bags are a real necessity for all parents of pre-potty training kids. Lugging spare diapers, baby changing equipment and changes of clothes may not sound like fun, but modern diaper bag solutions have certainly made it a lot easier. In fact, these days you can buy diaper bags that look exactly like a large, high fashion purse, but still with all the necessary space and compartments inside. Diaper bags even come in more masculine designs for trendy Dads.

Diaper Bag Prices

You'll find attractive diaper bags in value-for-money stores such as Walmart for as little as $20 to $30. But if you want to go designer label, you can select a couture diaper bag from a baby boutique - these can sell for hundreds of dollars, depending on what you're willing to pay. Of course, most diaper bags are in the middle of this range. You'll find some very fashionable good quality and practical diaper bags for anywhere between $50 and $100.

Diaper Bag Features

Whether you're buying leather, faux leather, canvas or vinyl, you'll find that modern diaper bags come with some convenient features they didn't have in the past. They may have an exterior cell phone pouch; outside pockets for easy to access to your baby's pacifiers; interior compartments for storing wet clothes (often transparent - to help you find what you're looking for); plenty of inner storage space and, of course, a removable changing pad.

This is everything you need for carrying around those extra diapers, baby wipes, fresh clothes, bottles, formula, burp cloths and toys.

As mentioned above, fashion is now a key feature when it comes to diaper bags. Women are swapping teddy prints for high fashion florals, awkward handles for shoulder straps or even backpack diaper bags.

Celebrity Diaper Bags

If you're willing to pay a little more, why not check out some of the diaper bags preferred by celebrity Moms like Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum. As Moms of many kids, these two ladies certainly know what they're looking for in a diaper bag, and wouldn't be caught dead sporting a bag that was anything less than super chic.

Angelina as been spotted with the Storksak Gigi Chocolate diaper bag, while husband Brad has been seen around town with the Storksak Jamie diaper bag in black - proving that fashionable diaper bags are not just for the ladies!

Of course, if you prefer to set the trends rather than follow them, you could always have a personalized diaper bag made for you at a dedicated diaper bag boutique (you find these online). These boutiques will help you put together your own diaper bag design from scratch, with an option to include your baby's name or initials.

Popular Diaper Bag Brands

OiOi diaper bags come in leather, faux leather, as backpacks, shoulder bags and bags with over the shoulder straps. You'll find designs in stripes, prints, and other attractive patterns, some of which give no hint at all that what you're carrying around is actually full of baby diapers. Juicy diaper bags are another brand with an emphasis on fashion and practicality.

Fleurville diaper bags and Skip Hop diaper bags both produce bags with sleek, modern lines, but with perhaps with a more practical image than OiOi or Juicy bags. Both Skip Hop and Fleurville sell bags that you can carry over your shoulder or attach to your baby stroller.

Diaper Bag Care

You'll need to keep your diaper bag clean if you want to avoid odors escaping when traveling with your bag or sitting in a café, for example. Regular diaper bag cleaning is also important for baby health. Bad smells may indicate the presence of germs. If you have germs or bacteria in your diaper bag, they may get onto your baby's clothing or diapers and cause skin irritation or even illness.

The best way to clean a diaper bag is always to follow the manufacturer's instructions, but here are some tips from experienced Moms:

Get all the crumbs or bits of food and other stuff out of your bag (you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to do this). Then turn the bag inside out to make sure you've taken everything away from the seams and crevices.

Washing should be done initially with soap and water. If that doesn't remove the stains and smell, try using white vinegar or the sterilization solution you use for cleaning baby bottles. A non-chemical way of reducing diaper bag odors is to rub the bag all over with a piece of lemon rind.

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