Baby High Chairs 

Baby high chairs elevate your child's sitting position so that you can feed him more easily and he can be included at family meals at the table. High chairs come in a number of different styles, are made from different materials (mainly wood or plastic) and are designed for different situations. They make life so much easier for a great many parents.

Having said that, baby high chair safety is very important - risks associated with high chairs include falling, cuts and bruises and entrapment. That's why you should never leave your baby unattended in a high chair.

Baby High Chair Reviews

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA) provides baby high chair safety recommendations on its website. Safety is a major factor in JMPA's decision to recommend a certain high chair product. You'll find some high chairs that have a JMPA seal of approval.

Of course, baby high chair reviews written by retailers and by parents (these are probably the most forthright and reliable reviews out there) are also available online. Buy Buy Baby is a well-known retail site that gives information on products, and provides the opportunity to purchase online and have products delivered to your home.

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Baby Health and Safety

A baby high chair should have a strong harness that holds your child safely inside the chair. Many high chairs come with a detachable eating or play tray that provides some extra security when in use. Of course, the high chair should have no sharp edges or other cutting hazards.

A high chair's legs should be far enough apart as to be stable - this distributes your child's weight over a greater area and reduces the risk of the high chair tipping over. If the high chair folds away, as many do these days, the legs should lock securely, so that there's no danger of the chair collapsing while your child is sitting in it.

If you're thinking of buying a second hand high chair but you're not sure how old it is, or if meets modern safety requirements, you should probably opt for a new high chair instead. Safety requirements for these kinds of products are being updated all the time. Likewise, you should not buy a highchair that has been damaged in any way.

Using Your High Chair For Maximum Baby Safety

You should put your baby in a high chair only if he can already support his own head. Some high chairs come with reclining baby seats - these are great for babies that still get a little tired sitting up.

Never place your high chair so close to a wall or another piece of furniture that your baby could push or kick against, thereby destabilizing the high chair and potentially causing a nasty fall.

Types Of Baby High Chairs

Convertible baby high chairs - the seats of these modern baby high chairs can convert into toddler booster seats for eating at the table when your baby grows out of his high chair. These are useful for parents who are ready to spend a bit more now in order to save money later.

Portable baby high chairs - these are lightweight easily foldable high chairs that take up only a small amount of space in the trunk of your chair or in your storage area. Portable high chairs allow your baby to join the grownups for dinner at Grandma's house as well as at home. Some travel high chairs even hook onto the table - these have no legs and fold up very compact.

Restaurant high chairs - these are generally wooden baby high chairs that don't have a tray, so that your baby can sit closer to the table. These chairs are often used in restaurants, hence the name. They often don't have reclining seats at all, so if your baby still needs a little support, this is not the chair for you. Of course, it is possible to find beautiful wooden high chairs that do come with trays and other infant accessories.

Where To Buy A High Chair

Graco baby high chairs are a well known brand. The prices of Graco chairs range from $50 to $100. Their chairs can be reclined, adjusted in height, and have adjustable head positions too. Styles range from the classic to the ultramodern.

Discount baby high chairs can be bought from Walmart. At the time of writing, Walmart baby high chairs were selling online for as little as $24.

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