Baby Crib Bedding - Comfort, Safety And Health Are At The Top Of The List For Baby Crib Bedding

Baby crib bedding should be comfortable, attractive, and above all - safe for your baby. Whether you're buying baby boy crib bedding or baby girl bedding, there are so many options available now, that you're bound to find something with the right look and price. Modern baby crib bedding has become an interior design feature - you can create a classic or ultramodern look to suit your baby's nursery, while protecting your baby at the same time.

Baby Crib Bedding Prices

The most expensive baby crib bedding is to be found in designer baby boutiques (some of which sell online). If you have the budget and desire to spend a $1000 on your crib bedding, the sales staff in these boutiques will be able to make that happen for you.

If you are looking for something a little less hard on the bank account, then the bedding available in high street baby and interior décor stores may be for you. Realistically priced baby bedding is extremely attractive and can be coordinated just as well as expensive, custom baby crib bedding with your baby's nursery.

Discount Baby Crib Bedding

Discount baby crib bedding can be found on the internet too. Sometimes certain selling sites reduce the prices of designer baby gear, so you can actually purchase something very upscale for a discount price.

Don't forget that babies grow out of their bedding and their cribs, so you may have friends or relatives with crib bedding that's still in good condition but no longer used - perhaps they would like to sell, or donate?

Wasting Your Money?

When buying baby bedding, some parents go all out and purchase pillows, blankets, sheets, bumper pads, cuddly toys and anything else they can think of in addition to a baby mattress.

Of course, you are free to do this if you want, but remember that the official advice of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute is that having less clutter in your baby's crib reduces the risk of an accident or fatality. So before you buy everything in the store, remember that you may be taking it out of the crib when you actually put your baby down to sleep. Really, you're spending money on decorative features.

Designer Baby Bedding

If decorative features are exactly what you want, and you're prepared to spend money on unique baby crib bedding made especially for your little one, then you need to go designer label.

High fashion baby boutiques offer readymade, stylish designs that can be adapted to fit your crib or coordinate with your décor. Some boutiques will even work with you to create your own design or personalized bedding for your baby - so if you want the celebrity crib bedding that your favorite star showed off in Hello! magazine, you can have it.

Baby Safety

Baby safety should be a decisive factor in your choice of crib bedding. The need to reduce clutter in your baby's crib while she's in there is based on the theory that the more loose strings or fasteners, or even just simple blankets there are in the crib, the greater the chances that your baby could choke, or wriggle into a position in which her breathing might be restricted.

Now, before you get scared and throw away baby bedding items you may have already bought, it's important to remember that accidents attributed to crib bedding are very, very rare - but you must be careful. Here are some basic "dos and don'ts" for putting your baby to bed.

- Never put a small baby to sleep with a pillow under her head

- Never put a baby to sleep on her stomach (even if she sleeps better this way), always put her to sleep on her back

- Always choose the firmest possible baby mattress

- Always removed all plastic coverings from newly purchased crib bedding (particularly mattresses)

Baby Health And Comfort

When it comes to bed time, baby health and baby comfort are often closely linked. If your baby is too hot and sweaty in her crib, she won't be comfortable and she may develop skin rashes or other baby skin conditions.

Baby clothes or bedding made from manmade fibers may be sweatier than those made from natural fibers. It's possible to buy cottons that have been treated to make them flame retardant (it's recommended that baby pajamas are flame resistant).

Some parents prefer organic baby crib bedding and baby pajamas that haven't been treated with any chemicals at all. This supposedly reduces the risk of your baby developing a skin allergy caused by her bedding.

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