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Selecting the baby bedding you want for your baby's nursery is great fun. The crib and its bedding are really the centerpiece of the room and therefore set the tone for the rest of the nursery décor. Whether you're looking for truly fashionable bedding products or discount baby bedding with an attractive look and price, you'll find tons of information here on, as well as a great many products online and in baby gear stores.

Essential Baby Bedding Items

You're going to need a crib (of course), a crib mattress, sheets, and blankets. There are limitless modern baby bedding options out there, so even if you purchase only these must-have pieces, you can still create a super trendy baby crib arrangement.

Optional Extras

Although many parents would disagree that pillows, pillow cases, mobiles, etc. are non-essential items, we've put them in this category because it is possible to create a fashionable and comfortable baby bed without them. Not every parent is convinced of the safety of baby pillows, so it's a personal (and hopefully informed choice) as to whether or not you want to include them in your baby's bedding. The same goes for crib bumper pads, but we'll talk more about safe baby bedding a little later on.

Baby Bedding Boutiques

If you're looking for upscale baby bedding products, the baby bedding boutique is the place for you. You can visit a "real-life" boutique or its virtual equivalent online. They specialize in luxury baby bedding for boys and girls, whatever your desired theme, pattern, or colors. Here you can order fabrics, suggest designs and have your products delivered before or after your baby is born.

In addition to hand-made (sometimes designer-label) baby bedding, these boutiques often provide custom baby bedding made to suit your design theme. If you want your baby to have unique baby bedding all of her own, but aren't sure where to start with your design ideas, why not ask the boutique to come up some design plans for you to choose from?

Discount Baby Bedding

There are many real-life stores and online baby gear stores that offer quality baby bedding at discount prices. Some of them even wholesale designer items, allowing you to purchase some very cool products without breaking the bank. Don't forget that the majority of truly excellent bedding products are sold every day in high stores at more realistic prices - designer is certainly not the only way to go.

If cost is a particularly sensitive issue for you, and given the economic times we're in, this applies to many us, there's always the option of buying second hand cribs and other bedding products either from friends, family or at thrift stores. Remember to examine such products yourself before buying to make sure that they're in good and safe condition.

Eco Friendly Baby Bedding

More and more parents are choosing eco friendly baby bedding products for their babies' nurseries. The products are sometimes referred to as "organic" baby bedding. The manufacturers of eco friendly bedding say they help prevent allergies in young infants. Because no chemicals are used in the growing and processing of eco friendly cotton, wool and bamboo woods (used in cribs), there are no toxic elements in the materials coming into contact with your baby's skin. The theory is that the lack of chemicals protects not only the environment, but your little one too.

Eco friendly products are increasingly popular and can be bought from online baby gear sellers and in baby product stores around the country.

Safe Baby Bedding

The safety of baby bedding is understandably a significant concern for most parents. When buying products from a reputable producer, they should be able to provide you with information about the materials, the chemicals they contain, the safety testing they've undergone, etc. If a sales clerk or a manufacturer is reluctant or unable to talk to you about these issues, consider going somewhere else.

There is also a lot of information on the internet about baby bedding safety, about trials and testing carried out by independent research groups on certain items, and about possible dangers (including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) associated with some baby bedding products.

One such product is the crib bumper pad. These are used as a decorative item that stops your baby sticking her arms, legs or head out through the slats of the crib walls. Although no official stance has been adopted by health authorities on the safety of such pads, some studies have connected number of infant deaths in the crib with suffocation or choking caused by bumper pads and the strings that attach them to the crib walls.

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