Will My Baby Test Positive For Meth At Birth

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anonymouse - September 14

im 30 wks pregnant im having a c-section november 1st i last used meth on september 4 its now september 14th if i stay completely clean will my baby still test positive at birth?


January - September 14

More than likely not because they don't test for drugs in the baby's system as part of the newborn blood panel.. BUT, you should DEFINITELY tell your healthcare provider that you used.. it's possible that your baby could have short or longterm problems due to your use. Do you plan on keeping your child?


emfine99 - September 14

I'm sorry, and I will probably come off as a b___h, but I don't care. You KNEW you were pregnant so why use meth? I feel sorry for your child or any other child who has a mother so ignorant to do drugs while carrying a child. Sounds like you are more worried about the doctors finding out if YOU did meth than worrying about your babys survival or health. Ok off my pedastool.


anonymouse - September 14

thanks for replying and by the way emfine99 i have informed my doctors and i am in treatment you have oviously never tried or been addicted the the drug so you know nothing about how hard it is regardless of the situation. do some research before you judge people your commit to most meth addicts could send a recovering addict into a relapse.


January - September 14

I'm glad to hear they are aware. Because they are aware, they MAY do a drug test on the baby at birth just to make sure there is no level in it's system so they would know if they need to treat the baby for withdrawal. From what I know about my patient's and drug testing, it doesn't usually last in the system as long as some other drugs out there. While I can't comment on the affect it may have on your baby.. I sincerely doubt it will still be in his/her system. Good luck with your recovery.


anonymouse - September 14

thank you january i appreciate it


cfuller - September 14

unbeknownst to my husband, his ex-wife used meth while she was pregnant with their son and he has been mentally damaged because of it. She must have used when she was nursing also because he would go thru withdrawls if he didn't nurse. He's now 7 and doing very well, but he is permanently brain damaged from the time his birth moher used meth while he was in the womb and while he nursed. He is a pretty normal kid, but he has behavioral issues and doesn't seem to know why he does things that he knows he shouldn't. There are other problems also, and he is very upset that he has these problems way worse than "normal" kids. He resents his birth mother to this day for what she did to him.I don't know how many times you have used but please don't do it again. There are long term effects for what you've done and I pray to God that your baby isn't screwed up because of it. Good luck trying to kick your addiction. I suggest checking yourself into a drug treatment facility after your baby is born, or even now, so you can get the help that you need.


emfine99 - September 14

Yes I do know what it is like to be addicted and yes I have had a problem before but I won't elaborate on it here. I think that having a child is a serious enough reason to stop any drug. You are 30 weeks pregnant, you have had quite a while now to check into rehab and stop before it would permanently damage your baby. If you are addicted, I'm sure this isn't the first time in your pregnancy that you have done this. I seriously hope you can get help and I hope your baby is ok. It's not fair to the child honestly. I know a girl who did meth and any kind of other drug you could think of while she was pregnant and her baby died a day after it was born due to several coplications.


inuk-mama - September 14

I believe that the drug will show up if tested. It stays in your system for awhile so just to be safe, I'd ask your dr. Stay in treatment and kick the addiction. I know how hard that is to quit but you have a perfect chance to start over. Grab it while it's there and don't let go! Good Luck!


kim00 - September 15

It depends on how they test the baby. We test the meconium (the first poop) because everything can be traced back to the begining of pregnancy. In our hospital, it has become a standard test on all newborns, because of the amount of drug use here. Any baby that tests positive is placed in state care. Good Luck.


pregnant76 - September 15

Anonymouse, I am really sorry but I have to be judgemental here. I don't know what its like to be addicted to meth but why didn't you seek help if you knew you were pregnant and that you have this problem??? It boggles my mind that you are even doing this to your unborn baby. It's child abuse!!! He/she isn't even born yet and you may be royally f---ing up any chance of a normal life for him/her. It's not fair. I hope they take your baby away from you. I'd hate to see what kind of decisions you make after your baby is born.


wailing - September 16

KIM00--Just wondering where u live that it's rampant. I'm in DC now but in the south where I'm from it's a huge epidemic. I wonder if it's standard that the babies go into state care everywhere? Is there ever a chance of the mother getting the babies back? God, so sad to think about all those poor children:(


NewPage - September 16

I would think that if you are known to have a drug problem that they will test, if for nothing else to make sure that it doesnt have problems with withdrawls. However, meth only stays detectible in your system for 3-5 days so if you quit now there is no way they can detect it in baby. That being said, many hospitals will contact CPS and they will do a hair folicle test on you, which shows when you stopped using up to 90 days, they will take your child if the test is positive. Personally, I think that smoking meth while pregnant is a terrible thing to do, I have known many people that have been addicted to meth and have been perfectly capable of quiting. Having something such as a child inside of you should be a good incentive. But, if we are expected to understand when women are trying give up niccotine while prego and arent able to do so instantly then we should try to understand you trying to give up something so much more addictive then cigarrettes. This last part of your pregancy is by far the most important as far as staying clean goes, and babies have a much better chance at a normal life if the mothers don't smoke meth for the last 1-4 months so if you were only lightly using before and you quit now the baby really could still turn out ok. My mother cares for and has the task of trying to change the behaviors of children who's mothers were drug addicts. It is a very sad thing to see how these things affect these poor children so far into their life, they have almost no chance of ever being "normal." I truly do wish you the best of luck, I hope everything gets better for you.


Tink - September 16

my heart breaks reading posts like this. while i am sorry for your addiction- it is still a CHOICE you made. as someone that struggled for years to get pregnant and finally resorted to in vitro (lots of $$$) to get pregnant.....it just breaks my heart so badly to hear of women blessed with getting pregnant naturally and then risking something like this that could permanently damage their baby. just wanted to give you that view point anonymouse. for every unwanted baby or mother that makes bad choices before or during pregnancy, there is a woman out there that would just DIE to be in your shoes and be pregnant. people just forget truly what a miracle a baby is. i hope your treatment goes well and i hope if you don't do it for yourself, i hope you kick the habit for your baby or at least make a good choice for once and consider your options that would provide the baby with a better life. good luck, and btw- i agree with jan- telling your doc, however embara__sing or bad it is, is the most important thing- they can't be prepared for problems unless they are aware of what you did.


1stbabyforme - September 18

WOW ..... sorry for the unborn child... bad choices and now someone else will have to pay the price for your lovely high. why dont you ask your dr this question, if they already know about it, it shouldnt be an issue. Also why you need to know if it will show up in your baby's blood?


WP - September 18

Don't listen to the holier-than-thou's, anonymouse. I hear meth is a b___h to quit, so good for you for trying. Past is past, now you've got the future to look to. Stay clean so you don't give them a reason to take the baby, and stay in recovery until you're better. Take all of the professional help and support given to you. Good luck.


lsarn - September 19

Anonymouse, I can understand you have an addiction,but for your baby's sake-get some help. I also work at a hospital Nicu, where drug use is rampant with pregnant mothers. Spend one day in Nicu, and watch these babies withdraw-It's very sad. Your healthcare provider WILL test you for drugs,so do seek help. Their are so many programs out there for addiction. I'm not here to judge, but encourage you to do the best thing for yourself, and your unborn child. The sooner the better. Good Luck in kicking your addiction-I know it's difficult, but be strong.



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