Baby Rocking Chairs - Personalized Baby Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs Hold Memories

The actual origin of the baby rocking chair is unclear. However, we do know that it came after the cradle and rocking horse. Apparently nobody thought to apply the principle to adult furniture until the 1700s. From the time the idea took hold in Europe until today, rocking chairs remain a comforting and familiar piece of furniture in the homes of many people, particularly as part of the baby nursery furniture.

Perhaps you remember sitting on your grandmother's lap as she gently rocked and sang a song or read a story to you. Maybe you've done the same for your children, using that same baby rocking chair with new cushions to match the crib bedding. It's the soothing motion of the rocking chair that has the magic, that's why the nursery has a rocking chair in it - to soothe the baby. Baby glider rockers have the same sort of feel to them, although a baby glider tends to move on a slide going back and forth while a rocker sort of tips. The feeling is very similar, yet different.

Rocking Has Been Around for Years

Historically, rocking horses were children's toys and little ones would sit upon them for ages, rocking to and fro, playing their fantasy games and laughing gleefully. Kids rocking chairs have become an alternative choice to rocking horses, especially for tiny ones who may not have a great sense of balance. The risk of falling off their pony is greater than falling from a rocking chair, so the rocking chair tends to be safer. Little ones love rocking and you'll see them doing so feverishly at times. Wouldn't you just love to know what is going on in that little head? Where are they rocking to? What we do know is that it gives them pleasure. You may sometimes find your child slumped over in the chair having rocked himself to sleep. Like we said, rocking chairs are magic.

A Welcome Addition to the Nursery

Whether it is a full size for parents to sit in to rock their baby or a kid's rocking chair that is designed specifically for that little toddler, they are always a welcome addition to the nursery. Pint sized baby rocking chairs are relatively inexpensive, considering they are a piece of furniture that will stay with the child for several years. Usually constructed of solid wood, a baby rocking chair is something personal for the child, something that is his alone and something he will treasure.

Baby rocking chair prices vary with the construction and materials used. You can purchase a wooden baby rocking chair for as little as $45.00 or as much as $200.00 - it just depends upon the style, brand, and size. There are traditional baby rocking chairs, made of wood and painted or stenciled with designs. You can buy contemporary acrylic construction that is funky and fun or you can purchase fabric rockers that fold up for easy travel. There's nothing like taking your rocker camping with you now, is there?

Personalized Rockers Make Great Gifts

A baby rocking chair makes a wonderful gift. Personalized baby rocking chairs are very popular these days. You can have the child's name and a specific design painted on the chair, thus insuring absolute possession. There's something about knowing your name is on something that belongs to you and it is no different for a child. Most children's furniture suppliers who carry baby rocking chairs will be happy to have the chair personalized for your child. The classic rocker with a wide, flat or slightly curved back takes the personalization well. You can have it carved into the wood or stenciled on. Hand painting and gold leafing are also popular methods of personalizing a baby rocking chair.

A gift of a personalized baby rocker not only means a happy kid, but it also means the chair will be a part of that child's life for many, many years.

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