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The Total Look

While we haven't seen much in terms of celebrities designing bedding for babies, there are certainly a lot of offerings available that are being purchased by those shining stars for their starlets. Today's child doesn't have to sleep on the typical baby bedding any longer. Unique baby bedding with hip designs are now available to create a nursery that is both stunning and practical. Modern baby bedding not only includes sheets, comforters, and bumper pads, but also has rocking chair seats, curtains, and lampshades that work together to offer chic baby bedding sets . Add color coordinated rugs and wallpaper borders, table cloths and diaper holders and you will make your baby's nursery a showpiece.

Baby Bedding Designers

Your local baby bedding boutique is the place to go to find baby bedding in exciting patterns by baby bedding designers like Glenna Jean. Her Sweet Potato line of luxury baby bedding is a stand-out item in bold geometric patterns. If posh and retro is your style, then The Domain Nursery Collection in warm earth colors like burnt orange, chocolate brown, warm beige, forest green and sky blue set into classic mod squares will make the nursery the grooviest around.

Dwell Studio is another baby bedding designer that allows parents to create a nursery with flair and finesse. Chocolate Dots is a polka dot baby bedding pattern that shows off whimsical chocolate polka dots strung together in a contemporary pattern. Italian designer Gio Ponti's color palette for the interior of a Sorrento, Italy hotel inspired the Gio Nursery Collection from Dwell Studio baby bedding designers. The colors and design make for a playful and stylish baby's room.

Mad About Plaid in pink or blue is offered by My Baby Sam, makers of unique and modern baby bedding and crib sets. The sets feature pink or blue polka dots mixed with brown and patches of plaid scattered here and there. The pattern is fun and funky, making baby's space delightful and distinct. Floral patterns are big now and Hoohobbers, a company with nearly 30 years experience in creating trendy products, is on the scene with earthy colored floral prints that turn the nursery into a dreamland.

Buying Baby Bedding

Working with themes is a great way to decorate the nursery, and there are so many to choose from that it could take a while to make a decision. It is possible to find the designs we talked about here, as well as countless others, at places like Baby Depot. You might even be able to find discount baby bedding by these baby bedding experts when the seasons change. As with most other things, baby bedding fashion changes and what was great in the spring of this year will be a bit more passe next year. Why not take advantage of the change and the lower prices - you can still have the designer nursery you want without the high cost.

What to Look For in Baby Bedding

When choosing bedding for the baby's crib, choose 100% pure cotton or organic fibers. They are softer than synthetic fabrics and they breathe - making baby more comfortable as they wick away moisture and they do not become shock producing from being dried in the dryer. Cotton flannel is even softer than woven cotton sheets and is a good year-round choice. Choose patterns that are right through the fabric rather than stenciled onto the fabric. You don't want baby to be wearing the bedding instead of sleeping on it. Make sure you have a couple of tight-fitting waterproof mattress pads to cover the mattress under the fitted sheet of the baby's crib. Leaks are inevitable and you'll want to protect the mattress from any kind of damage.

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