Kids Furniture

The thought of retiring the baby furniture in favor of kids' bedroom furniture is not something that is forefront in the minds of new parents. After all, having a new baby in the house doesn't leave much time to be thinking of anything other than what is needed at the moment - and if there is any time left over, thoughts promptly go in the direction of getting some sleep.

When Do I Switch the Furniture?

However, babies don't stay babies forever and it isn't very long before the baby furniture makes way for kids furniture. If you were one of those smart parents who purchased a convertible crib, then part of the dilemma is already solved. Also, if your choice in nursery furniture was with plans of future use in the bedroom of the growing child, then two points for you! You're ahead of the game. Unless you are planning to continue having babies - which means baby clothing and furniture will be needed - you can begin to make the change-over to putting the little one in a kids' bed by the time he or she is two years old. By that time they're usually through with the crib and ready to move onto a toddler or kids bed. If the rest of the nursery furniture will grow with your child, then you can utilize it.

Choosing Kids Furniture

Of course, if you have more than one child, you will need to look at kids furniture, especially bedroom items. There are many manufacturers of modern kids furniture who provide bedroom sets as well as individual pieces. The styles and designs of modern kids furniture are amazing, and you can buy entire rooms of kids furniture at discount prices almost anywhere. As with anything though, you often get what you pay for, so be choosey about the quality of the products. Babies tend to be easy on furniture while older children can give it a real workout.

The Need for a Desk

As they get older, many kids want a desk in their room. It provides them with a private space to sit and work alone. They might even do their homework at their desk. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. If your older child is a boy, then there are plenty of sturdy, masculine styled bedroom sets that will handle the challenge of a growing boy. Girls can be readily satisfied with lovely, feminine bedroom sets like those from Ashley Furniture. There really is a difference in the way the two types of kids furniture are designed - and kids figure that out without any help from us.

As your children grow and become teens, then the entire idea of kids furniture takes another turn. The bed is still necessary, and the kids desk is, too. However, you may have to move the size of the desk and the kids bed up a bit to accommodate a growing body. Also, kids furniture for the teenagers in your home may also include bookshelves and additional cabinets for sportswear and equipment storage. Collections may require additional space and you may notice that before long the bedroom will have morphed into a studio.

Grown and Gone

When looking for kids furniture, look for solid wood construction and sturdy reinforcement with metal fittings. You want the furniture to last, especially if you have more than one child. By investing in well-made pieces you ensure that it will last as long as the kids are at home. They may even take some pieces away with them to college. Many adults can look around their homes and find a piece or two that has traveled with them from childhood to adulthood. Investing in good furniture can make that bit of nostalgia a reality for your kids too.

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