Kids Beds

It's Time To Move On

When the big day arrives when your little person outgrows the crib and is ready to move on to a larger bed, it's an exciting time. If you purchased a convertible crib, then your shopping experience is taken care of because the bed will open into a toddler bed with ease. However, if you've decided to move your child into a larger bed, you will want one that will be comfortable, functional, the perfect style, and one that will last a while.

Kids furniture styles and construction is as varied as adults, with options that provide innovation, variety, and fun. The most popular size in kids beds is the twin size bed, although some parents choose a full size for their kids. There are certainly manufacturers who specialize in kids furniture, like Pottery Barn Kids, however, most of the furniture manufacturers of repute also carry kids beds and kids furniture. If you're looking for good deals, then you can also find kids beds in stores that focus on baby furniture sales as well.

From Day Beds...

Kids beds come in a variety of styles, although most of the mattresses are single or twin size. Daybeds make great kids beds because they serve a dual purpose. They are, first of all, a bed, and they also serve as a settee or kids' couch in their room, providing a quiet place to sit and read. When your child outgrows the daybed, it can be used as a sofa in the sun room or even as a guestroom bed and settee.

...To Trundle Beds

Bunk beds and loft beds seem to be synonymous with kids growing up. Kids loft beds and bunk beds are great space conservation items, especially when the room has to be shared between two children. Frames for loft beds and bunk beds range from wood to metal and are available in any number of decorating styles. Bunk beds break down into two twin beds, or in some cases, a twin and full size bed. The beds can be separated and used in separate rooms, or side by side instead of stacked. Kids loft beds combine the bed, drawers for clothing or toy storage, shelves and, in some cases the perfect all-in-one combination that includes a desk. They are amazing space savers and give the child everything he or she needs to have in the room.

Trundle beds and captains beds are more traditional styles that provides either extra storage space or a place for a second mattress that pulls out from under the bed when needed. When an overnight guest is visiting, it's simple to pull the trundle bed drawer out and the mattress is right there - ready to go. Kids trundle beds are a compact and stylish way to store a second bed without taking up more space.

A Canopy For the Princess

Canopy beds, a little girl's dream come true, are popular for their romance and luxurious look and not for their function. Originally, the fabric that surrounded the bed was used to protect the sleeper from drafts in the home (or castle). Children's canopy beds are made from heavy-gauge iron that is welded together. Metal beds are powder-coated in order to be durable, and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Wooden frames are very luxurious and often children's wooden canopy beds have stencils or hand painted designs on them. If the bed is larger than a twin, it can go with the child all through life.

Unique Kids Bed Designs

Unique kids beds are usually theme beds built around a basic twin frame but are infused with dreams and imagination. They can be whimsical or realistic looking. A little girls princess castle, glittering with fairy dust, houses a comfy bed for Sleeping Beauty. The simulated rock and stone finish of a knight's castle allows a little boy to be a real medieval knight. Loft style beds can be used to create turrets on castles. Trains, fire trucks, and steam engines are just a few of the myriad designs that are available for a child's fantasy room. There is a firm that specializes in creating theme beds for children's rooms, called Kids Unique Beds. Check them out for ideas and information on some of the most unique kids beds around.

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