Baby Crib Furniture

Like a kid in a candy store, choosing the furniture for your baby's nursery can leave you overwhelmed. There's just so much to choose from, so many styles, shapes, and materials calling out your name to buy them as you wander through the baby stores. How do you decide? Truth be told, it really isn't easy. Today's plethora of baby nursery furniture offers everything from beds that will literally last a lifetime to the latest round and corner cribs for something novel and interesting.

It Real Is Interior Decorating for Baby

Furnishing the nursery is no longer a piecemeal project of using older furniture that is no longer needed. Now, baby cribs and furniture for the nursery come in complete sets, so the baby's room is complete with all the necessary (and sometimes not-so-necessary) items to make it fully functional. Baby furniture sets are available by some very well-known furniture names. Baby cribs by Ikea are not only reasonably priced but the Gulliver crib has been selected as one of the Best by Consumer Search. The beauty of buying at Ikea is that you can choose complementary and additional pieces that are well-constructed but not over-the-top in terms of cost.

Stanley Young America Baby Cribs

Stanley Young America baby cribs and furniture sets are gorgeous and reflect a very Colonial feeling. Dark woods, elegant styling, and highboy dressers rather than long, low, chests of drawers, give a baby's room a sense of timelessness and elegance. The change table sits on top of a lower chest of drawers and wall mirrors in heavy frames add depth. There's nothing "childish" about these sets. The furniture can grow with the child as well, serving in future bedrooms over time.

Da Vinci - Still An Artist's Name

A 4-in-1 convertible crib by Da Vinci Furniture, that is both contemporary and classic at the same time, has some serious benefits. Built to last a lifetime, this crib is designed to convert and change with your baby's growth. It has a 4-level metal mattress support that is adjustable, full-size foot and head boards, and a toddler conversion rail kit. Together, all of these options create an opportunity for any number of configurations. This particular style comes with several other pieces of beautifully crafted furniture that is very sophisticated and rich looking. The Da Vinci furniture set puts your baby's nursery at the top of the class.

Choosing An Antique Crib

Even though the baby furniture offerings are amazing, some people love the look and feel of antiques. There's something about the nostalgia and genteel essence of a beautiful antique crib and antique furniture for the nursery. You can feel like you've been transported to the nursery of a royal baby during the Victorian era with the right pieces. Perhaps you've inherited an antique crib that has been in the family for generations. Or, maybe you have a longing to "relive" a time from the past.

Cautions With Old Cribs

No matter what your motivation is, when it comes to antique cribs and furnishings for a baby's room, it is wise to heed the cautions of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and organization charged with protecting the public from products that pose a hazard or danger to children. The website of CPSC lists old cribs as one of the top dangers to babies and toddlers. The mattresses may be very old and as a result, quite soft. This promotes a danger of suffocation to the baby and, if it doesn't fit the inside of the crib properly, the baby may roll down between the mattress and the side of the crib frame. The traditional corner posts may pose a risk for clothing being caught, and the width of the slats and rungs may be perfect for a little head to become stuck.

Although an old crib may be lovely and evoke sentimental feelings, be sure it complies totally with the CPSC standards of safety for cribs. Make sure all of the parts are intact and solid. The old drop-side style is potentially hazardous. As a matter of fact, there are several new warnings about the safety of this popular crib model. With more than 4 million cribs affected by 20 crib recalls since 2007, the CPSC is contemplating a ban on this style of crib.

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