Baby Clothes - Urban and Punk Baby Clothes

Urban Dwellers

There was a time when the word urban implied up-scale city life. Urban dwellers were city dwellers and were associated with high rise buildings in downtown Manhattan or the center of London. In today's vernacular, urban relates to inner city and urban dress is associated with the poorer sections of big American cities. Hip hop, funk, and retro are all styles that had their genesis in the poor neighborhoods of New York, LA, and Chicago. The popularity of these styles was associated with the music scene and kids wanted to dress like P Diddy and some of the other street artists. Within a short period of time, this style was picked up by the fashion designers and voila - today we have urban, punk and retro fashion.

Gangsta' Wear and Funny T-Shirts - All For Baby

But, the fashion doesn't begin or end with the kids on the streets. Urban baby clothes and punk baby clothes can be seen on infants all over the world. Whatever strikes a cord with the parents is what you'll see on the baby. Baby boy gangsta style garb is everywhere, featuring baggy pants and jackets that look exactly like the ones the big guys wear. Newborn baby clothing tends to be a step away from the more overt urban styling that we see on toddlers and older kids. Most parents opt for sweet things for their newborn, things that are soft, cozy and comfortable. Although, some parents dress their newborns and tiny infants in funny baby clothes. Baby tees with cute quips and edgy sayings adorn the minute bodies of baby boys and girls. Where "Daddy's Little Angel" used to be the thing, we're now seeing things like, "He Thinks He's My Daddy". Some people find adult humor funny on infants, some don't. However, everyone has a different sense of propriety and humor, and some of the baby stuff you see really is hilarious.


There's good news on a couple of fronts when it comes to baby clothing. Baby boy clothes are more stylish than ever, with some designers really going forward in creating fashions for boys that make impressions. There's also a store that features only boy's clothing, from birth to 16 years of age. It's called (are you ready for this?) The Boys' Store. Check it out online for some great fashion ideas for your little man. Another place to find great boys' clothing is Snips and Snails - while you're surfing the net, stop in there as well. One of our favorite places to find great baby clothes is Baby Gap. They're in most cities and you can find great styles for both boys and girls at excellent prices.

The Goodness of Organics

Now that we have finally figured out that chemicals and synthetics are not good for us, many folks are spending their time and money investigating organic baby clothing. We're pretty well educated these days in terms of organic foods and what not to eat. The education is trickling down and we're much more astute when it comes to the value of buying organic clothing and bedding, as well as other household items that are non-toxic. Babies are far more sensitive than adults to the effects of pollutants, toxins and chemicals. That's why buying organic baby clothes is a wise investment for your child. Check our Pure and Honest Kids for organic baby clothing. The clean and eco-friendly fabrics and products will make a difference to your baby's life and to yours as well.

Whether you're looking for retro baby clothing, or trying to find the perfect little boy's outfit, you will have more fun than ever these days as you check out the great offerings available for babies. Once you've found the clothes you love, put baby in the stroller and go out for a little fashion parade. It'll be fun and you'll get lots of "oh's and aw's".

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