Baby Nursery Décor

Designing Your Baby's Nursery Decor

Decorating your baby's nursery can be one of the more gratifying experiences you have during the course of your pregnancy. Baby nursery designs are pretty similar, so it isn't as though you will have to take a course in interior decorating to get the job done. Baby nursery ideas can be found in any number of places - from magazines to the internet, from baby stores to your friend's ideas and concepts. You've probably had a lot of baby nursery décor ideas swirling around in your head since the time you decided you wanted to become pregnant. Designer baby nursery décor ideas can be used to help create the theme or design that best suits your own taste. You don't have to buy the most expensive things out there, nor do you need to put it together with the help of a designer - give yourself the freedom to make choices and enjoy the fun of creating.

Your baby's nursery must be, first of all, a very safe environment - so it is essential to keep the priorities in the right order. Begin the project with safe and functional baby gear, the necessary nursery furniture (crib, change table, dresser and shelves) and a basic layout for where things will go. If you can do this on paper first, great, if not - then just put the things in the nursery and work it around until you find a layout that is efficient and easy.

Deciding on a Theme or Color

Decide upon a nursery design or theme and begin to accumulate the decorative accessories that will work best with your nursery décor. If you don't have an exact plan, at least decide on some colors. One way to help with a theme is to find baby bedding that could work as nursery décor. The baby bedding available today is amazing and you can find designs, patterns, and colors that are fun. These can be worked into the overall theme and you can even purchase extra bedding in the same colors or patterns to make lampshades and a seat cover for the rocker. Themes may not be your thing, which is perfectly fine. Choose colors that will work instead.

Listen to decorating tips that are shared with you from other moms. They can be lifesavers. By creating your own design and style, you can not only save yourself a lot of money, but it will be your own work and something you can be very proud of. Check out the various baby sites on the internet for color ideas. You will be amazed at what you can find.

What to do With That Wall

The biggest and most visible part of the nursery are the walls and, as we all know, the colors we choose create the atmosphere and feelings that will be experienced in the room. Even the way the paint is applied can make a difference, and whether you use decals, wallpaper, stencils or stickers. If the fabric you've chosen for the baby's bedding or for the window treatments is a very busy one, then it is probably a really good idea to keep other things muted. Even if the pictures you saw in the baby magazine showed plaid on the crib and stripes on the windows, you can bet your last nerve that it will get to you on a tough day. Keep things as pleasant and calm as you can without forfeiting fun and entertainment. Too busy is just that - too busy.

If you love color, then try to hold yourself back from using too many colors in the baby's room. Dark or intense colors are fine, as long as they don't monopolize. There are so many methods and ways to decorate. Using wallpaper is a great way to fashion a wall, but it may limit your choices for fabrics and colors. Don't underestimate the power of a solid color on a wall. Think about a feature wall and use pictures or shelving with toys to break up the space. Use your imagination and have fun.


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