Can I Start Clomid Without Having My Period

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Shelley50707 - February 26

I was just wondering if I can start my clomid without having my period. I know forsure that i am not pregnant and I am on day 32 and still no period. The nurse says it is okay to go ahead and start the clomid but I just wasn't for sure if that is wise. I have very irregular periods and the last three months had two periods a month and now on Day 32 and nothing. Kinda nice but not what I'm wanting right now. Thanks for any advise


lindsie - March 1

I have used Clomid without a period before. The first time I used Clomid the dr. gave me Provera to induce a period. We conceived our twins that cycle! A few years later I went back to Clomid (different dr.). He said to wait for my next period to start the Clomid. For me that could be months since I am so irregular. I couldn't wait, so I went ahead and started the Clomid w/o a period. I knew for sure I wasn't pregnant and was on day 50 or something like that. It worked just fine. I O'd about a week after the last pill. I didn't get pregnant that cycle, not until 3 cycles later. Hope this all helps!


Shelley50707 - March 1

Thanks Lindsie for the insight. I was just wondering what does did you take and what days cause I really would only like to have one little bundle and not more if at all possible.


lindsie - March 2

The first time I used 100mg on days 5-9. Now that we're trying for #3 (not 3 and 4) I went to 50mg. I got pregnant after 3 cycles at that dose, but lost it early on, so I'm not sure if it was twins or just one.


vistagirl81 - March 19

i am so happy you posted this... my dr. gave me 100 mg of clomid i have not had my pd in over 3 mo and i was not sure if it was possible to ovulate and get preg without having ur pd first .. thank you so much i feel so much better now.


CLOMID USER - August 29



mariapaniagua - July 27

I know all of the above has been posted alooooooooooooooong time ago but can i actually take prevera and clomid at the same time?


prayingforababy01 - September 4

I don't think so thats why they tell us to take one then the other,


TryingtoCONCEIVE - April 3

I know that its been awhile sense this post but I was wondering if you have to eat before you have to take a pill.


mwurmser94 - July 3

I was on Provera for 


mwurmser94 - July 3

I was on Provera for 10 days and just finished last Wednesday. When I reached out to my Dr. to let her know I am 6 days post pill and still no AF the nurse told me to wait until next week, and if still no AF I also can begin taking Clomid without having a period. When I questioned this response (because the Dr. originally told me that there was no point in trying if no period) the nurse indicated that there may just not be any lining to shed which is preventing me from getting a period. I have been on birth control for 11-12 years, and just went off at the end of April. Up until the time I went off the pill I was getting a period every month like clockwork. As soon as I stopped the pill I had a withdrawl bleed, but nothing since. So hopefully this works for you also.


gemi - July 12

hey Shelley50707!!! I got your answers. I am not a professional lady. So I can’t suggest you something that I don’t know. As improper knowledge always leads to danger and hazards. But I can suggest you something. I watch a webinar on YouTube. A lady named Anastasia was hosting that webinar. She said that their one session is going to London on 18-19 August. She will have a conference on common procedures. You can ask your queries to her. Moreover, she said limited seats are for those who come first. it’s a golden chance for you. you can get information without traveling to her clinic. She is head of the English department. She will answer your Q?/ session.



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