My Husband Is A Twin Could I Have Them Too

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Mia - March 31

My husband is a twin, so I was wondering what is a chance of us having twins as well? I just found out that I was pregnant, and would love to know if there is possibility to have twins because my husband is one??


A - March 31

Not likely. I am a fraternal twin and from what I have heard from several doctors and other people- twins run on the mothers side, and only fraternal twins. Your chances are no greater than an other non-twin mother. However, I will tell you this- my dad is a twin- and so am I


Anne - April 7

My father's son is a twin (his twin sister died the day she was born), and he had a son, 3 years later a daughter, and 4 years later triplettes! So, I think you have higher chances than a non-twin mother. My mother's great grandmother had like 5 sets of twins and triplettes though, and there haven't been twins on her side since then, but who knows, I think I have chances of having twins because there were on both of my parents families


ams - April 8

Hi mia, apparently the father has nothing to do with twins. With Fraternal twins two eggs are released from the mother so that one speaks for itself. Identical is where the womans egg splits and according to experts this can occur with any woman but has nothing to do with the man.


CF - April 10

I am 8 weeks with my first and already showing! I've been wondering about twins myself. My husband is a twin(identical) and his father is a twin(fraternal) and his father' s twin had twins(fraternal)! Also he has twin uncles. I know they are not suppose to be on the father's side but, it seems like there must be some genetic link!


Jena - April 12

there is most definitely a genetic link. today i found out i am 6 weeks, 1 day along with twins. the first thing the doctor asked is, "do twins run in your family?" after I said yes, she said, "which side?"... I don't think it matters which side, just know that it is genetic.


LerekoM - November 22

Hi everyone, 

My husband is a twin and I am also a twin. I'm 3+ pregnant. What are the chances that I will get a twin? My husband brother just recently got twins, a boy and girl.

what are the chances of me and my husband also getting twins, since we're both twin...



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