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nanycam - March 31

Hello! Also new! I have a 3 year old boy and a 1 1/2 year old girl. My husband and I talked to our dr about wanting twins. We want 4 kids, I am 34 and don´t want to have my fourth so late. My dr. has prescribed me clomid, I am suposed to take it the first day of my period for 5 days. We worry about having more than two. We are still weighting the pros and cons, so this forum sure helps. I have been reading that all of you are taking it from days three to seven, why is that? Does it depends on the lenght of the cycle?


Jeannettebrumley - May 2

Hi my name is jeannette an i actually have a question me an my husband have been trying for awhile for our first baby an he is 42 i asked my doctor if i could do clomid an he said he dosnet see why not but he isnt wanting to prescribe me it he is wanting to check my tubes which is gonna cost me 2000 an i asked him why no one in my family has any problems with their tubes my mom says that he is a jerk my sister had him an there office is money hungry should i go ahead an buy unperscribed clomid my husband has a 16 year old an the doctor aaid this baby might be his last because of his age so im wanting a multiple pregnancy since i myself have no kids could clomid hurt anything in my body i ovulate on my own my husbands sperm count is great we just have unexplained infertility that is what the doctor says shouldi take clomid an is there something my husband can take as well


Afandi - September 28

Well, your doctor recommended Clomid because you need to release two eggs at the time of ovulation to increase your chances of twins. You see Clomid is similar to estrogen, so the brain will naturally think that Clomid is estrogen. When Clomid gets attached to the receptor, it stops estrogen from being attached to the receptor cells.  This fools the body that you don’t have enough estrogen and triggers it to release hormones that help nature and make the follicles mature.  This increases your chances of twins because the hormones produced helps your follicles to mature and increases estrogen levels. When more than one egg is released during ovulation and gets fertilized, it results in twins.  This leads to fraternal twins because they are two distinct eggs that are released for fertilization.  About taking Clomid between the third and the 7th day is recommended because this is the time the other egg will be maturing. So having the two eggs maturing at the same time increases your chances of twins.


fairytale4565 - March 22

Anyone have any luck? Twins? Singleton? 



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