Twin Fetal Movement

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to april - September 21

I gained 50 pounds by week 26 -- my doctors told me this was healthy. I ate as healthy as possible -- just lots of food....I think a weight gain is pretty much expected, especially with twins -- the babies need the good nutrition.


Jo - October 4

Just re-read this thread to rea__sure myself. Am 18 weeks now and definately showing although people keep telling me I am small for twins. My tummy seems to dissapear overnight. I am still waiting (and waiting) for the movements ... all the stuff you read about feeling twins earlier than singletons. Anyway, my doctor is happy and they are moving when we've had scans .. just hoping I start feeling those lovely kicks soon.


Evelyn - October 11

Jo I'm about at the same stage you are I think. I'm just a little over 19 wks now, and sometimes overnight I do seem to lose my belly, but by the afternoon I look like a swallowed a basketball! I am worried all the time because I am 19 wks and still BARELY feel them move. No kick or anything like that yet. Every once in awhile I'll get a hard spot in my stomach, but that's about it. Everyone also talks about left side/right side, but my twins are one on top of the other, is that normal?


Jo - October 11

Hi Evelyn. Someone said to me that even though there is the belief that you feel twins earlier they already have less room than a singleton. I don't feel kick's like I did with my little boy, just the feeling you describe where my tummy gets hard and feels like they are twisting. My twins are next to each other but I mainly feel movement/pressure on the right. They can lay on top of one another (top bunk/bottom bunk!!). I know about the "basketball" look, now that I've started to show I can feel how quickly my stomach is stretching. Good luck for the coming months. :)


Evelyn - October 12

Good luck to you too, and everyone else on this message board! Hopefully I'll start to feel my babies move because I really do start to worry. I really haven't felt them at all these past couple of days, and I really hate to keep bugging the Dr. office, expecially since I'm not even 20 weeks yet and haven't felt them move regurlarly anyway. I have an ultrasound on the 20th, so please wish me lots of luck that everything is ok!


Jo - October 12

I have an ultrasound on the 21st and am also hanging out for that day. Try not to worry ... think happy thoughts to make happy babies. Everything will be okay. Let me know how your u/s goes.


Evelyn - October 12

I'll try! When is your due date? Mine is 3/4/06 though I'm feeling like it's going to be around end of January or so. I'll let you know how my U/S goes and please let me know on yours as well. Do you know what you're having? I'm having one girl, and the other one we hope to find out on the 20th. Keep in touch!


Jo - October 12

Hi Evelyn. Due date 7/3/06. We were told at our last ob appt we are having two girls but will check again next week. We have a little boy who's 3 so would be nice to have a couple of girls to even up!!! Take care,


Kathy S - October 16

I am feeling like the odd man out here after reading all these posts... :-) I am 14.5 weeks and have been feeling lots of movement for over a week now. I have been feeling fluttering for a couple of weeks prior to that. I can feel them kicking and twisting. Usually the one on my left gets going first and then the one towards my right will kick up too. It gets pretty strong already and can feel "tremors" with a hand on my belly. I felt my last singleton really early too. My first two pgs were not early on though. I already can tell this is not going to be fun...possibly even painful in a couple of months. I remember my last would almost make me want to cry sometimes...felt like he was trying his darnest to stand up in there!!! Not kidding! :-) I, at this point am not enjoying the baby on the right...he/she seems to have feet facing my back and causes my bowels to cramp up when he/she gets really going!! The other one is apparently feet facing out towards my left side and does not feel uncomfortable when he/she gets riled up. This is the strangest sensation to feel movement "all over the place" vs. in one spot with a singleton. Sometimes, like right now, they both start going and it makes my whole belly feel like it's writhing and twisting. I sure must have some boxers or wrestlers in there...probably even have a ring set up....LOL LOL....Just as long as there is no referee in there that the u/s may have missed!!! LOL LOL Not kidding there either! :-) Still pretty freaked out about accidently finding the second one on my 3rd u/s. :-0 :-)


Twinmom - June 20

I am glad that I am not the only one, I was getting really worried before reading these posts as I am 21 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins and I only ever feel my little boy who is lower down moving, I have felt the little girl but only a couple of times and I was getting really worried


PregWithTwins - July 8

im almost 13weeks and i dont think i feel anything yet should i be worried? please get back with me my email is


TripletMom - July 8

I wouldn't be worried at 13 weeks. MOST women dont feel any real movement until after 18 weeks. Maybe in a few weeks you will feel little flutters Good luck


PregWithTwins - July 8

i was getting worried because these girls are sayin at 12 weeks and i heard some girls say at like 6 and 8 weeks and i know every pregnancy is different this is my third pregnancy and this one is so different than the first two... everythings doubled!!!!


TripletMom - July 9

I know that every pregnancy is different, but at 8 weeks the babies are so tiny their movements can't be felt. I felt my older daughter move at around 15 weeks (fluttering) and then around 20 weeks w/kicks or flips. Please remember that sometimes people will post with speculations and not realities. GOOD LUCK!!! What a blessing!!


jeni - April 8

I am 19 weeks pregnant with twins , I dont feel any movements at all, Is there any reason to be worried????


jeni512us - April 8

I am 19 weeks pregnant with Twins and I dont feel any movements at all, I am worried about it, In my last visit about 15 days back Dr heard the heartbeats and she said that they are doing fine but i am worried, What can doo to feel the movements???/



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