Twin Fetal Movement

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jeni512us - April 8

I am 19 weeks pregnant with Twins and I dont feel any movements at all, I am worried about it, In my last visit about 15 days back Dr heard the heartbeats and she said that they are doing fine but i am worried, What can doo to feel the movements???/


camposreal - July 9

I am 15wks pregnant and I have not felt movement yet, I am so anxious to feel some kind of movement....I am going to my gynea today so I am excited to see if all is well and whats happening in there....


hdarraugh - August 11

im currently 25 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys.Everything is going fine.which im so happy about!!!! i was so worried at the start.twin 1 lays low and at the bottom so i feel him alot but twin 2 is lay high and to my right and he dusnt move as much but both move so different than the other.its like id able to tel if they moved places lol.its like they have a differnt style of kicking than each other. its hard to explain dus any1 else feel like this.


hdarraugh - August 11

and i wouldnt worry every pregannacy is different!u'll fel them soon try not to over worry about it!!!


MommyMonika - March 3

I am 23 weeks 3 days prego with twin girls. I feel like I can feel baby b which is higher move way more than baby a. I worry because the doc told me that her placenta was not normal? They also told me that she is 12% smaller than baby b.. Is anyone finding the same things with their twins? I could use advice on anything


AmberLina1993 - June 20

Im 23 weeks (24 on friday) and my twinnies dont stop moving, they were transverse on my last scan lb on bottom lg on top, he enjoys kicking my bladder and lower and she loves punching and headbutting my ribs lool xx


Afandi - September 28

Hi jeni512us
Just like most first timers, I know that you expected your twins to start moving right from the day the doctor told you that he had had the heartbeat. But I want to tell you to relax because this anxiety is what is making it difficult for you to feel the babies move. Well, at least we expect to start feeling the movements towards the end of the 16th week. However, it doesn’t always happen, and it may delay up to the 22 weeks. However, there is no guarantee that the fetus must wait up to the 16th week to start moving about. Mothers have experienced the movements as early as the 7th and the 8th week. And again, it is possible that the babies are making movements which you are not feeling. It all depends on how experienced you are. If you are a first-time mom, it may take a little bit longer. However, it is expected that the mother will feel the movements earlier than when your partner starts feeling the kicks. So I would advise that you remain patient. It is still too early to feel anything, and you may wait up to the end of the 22nd week.



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