All About Stem Cells

What Are Stem Cells:
Stem cells are unique in that they are unspecialized and, through differentiation, can evolve into heart muscle cells, blood cells or nerve cells.
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All About Stem Cells:
No understanding of cord blood is complete without a grounding in the fundamentals of stem cells. Read the amazing facts behind these life-giving cells.
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Embryonic vs. adult stem cells:
Embryonic stem cells are very different from their adult stem cell counterparts. Learn about these fundamental differences and about the various sources of adult stem cells and their properties.
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Graft vs. host disease is a serious and life-threatening immune response to stem cell transplants. Cord blood transplants greatly decrease the risk of GVHD.
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Transplant basics:
When it's time for the umbilical cord blood to be transplanted, how do scientist know which blood to use for who? And how do stem cells work to treat a disease? Get to know the basics of a stem cell transplant a bit better.
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