Cancer and Pregnancy

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is an important topic that all women, regardless of whether they are pregnant, should read up on. Knowing how to perform a self breast exam is vitally important as it could save your life. However, not all types of breast cancer can be detected this way.  Find out more about the best ways to screen for breast cancer.  Also get information on when you should start getting regular screening for breast cancer and who is at most risk for developing breast cancer.  Did you know that having a baby and breastfeeding can actually minimize your risk for breast cancer?

Types of Breast Cancer

Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer can often be mistaken for a breast infection, so make sure you know when to insist on more testing. Metastatic breast cancer is another serious and advanced type of breast cancer to watch out for.  Learn all of the signs and symptoms of possble problems with your breasts.

As scary as breast cancer can be, an early diagnosis means quicker treatment, which can greatly improve your prognosis. If you are pregnant and diagnosed with breast cancer, then find out how your treatment options will vary. Will you be able to finish your pregnancy and what will be the reprucussions for baby?  Will the cancer affect your yet unborn baby and what kind of treatment options are available to you while you are still pregnant.  Also, will you be able to breast feed your baby after he or she is born.  Get the answers to all of your questions right here.

Also check out our information on the soy and breast cancer connection.  What is the real story about soy and cancer--does it help prevent cancer or cause cancer?  Find out more about this controversial issue.

Cervical And Ovarian Cancer

Although it is rare, some women do develop cervical cancer while they are pregnant. A precursor to this type of cancer is cervical dysplasia.  Find out more about this form of reproductive cancer. Also learn how having a regular pap smear exam can save your life and prevent cervical cancer from forming.  A pap smear can detect this form of cancer in its earliest stages--before it even develops into cancer.  This then provides you with the best treatment options.  However, if the cells in your cervix have already mutated and have become cancer, find out more about your treatment options and what this means for your ability to get pregnant.  Also learn more about what to do if you receive a cervical cancer diagnosis while you are already pregnant.  What does this mean for your pregnancy and your baby?  Will you still be able to deliver vaginally?  

Also get information about ovarian cancer and ovarian cancer screening for ovarian tumors.  Find out if you are at risk for ovarian cancer and what to do if you are diagnosed with cancer in pregnancy.

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