Risk Factors

Every woman wants to have the best possible pregnancy. However, for some, there are certain things that are just too hard to give up. Caffeine is perhaps one of the hardest things to give up, but it is important to think about the health of your baby and to cut back on your daily intake, even if you're just thinking about becoming pregnant.  Recent studies have shown that caffeine can increase a woman's risk of miscarriage.  Find out more about how this substance can negatively affect your pregnancy.  

Before you think about getting pregnanat, also visit your doctor and talk to him about any medications that you are taking especially if they are anti-epileptic drugs for your epilepsy.  Some medications can cause birth defects in your baby.  Find out more today.

Alcohol, Smoke And Eating Disorders

If you like to drink, read our article about the effects consuming alcohol during pregnancy. Pregnancy and Alcohol will help you understand better why you need to cut out that glass of wine with your meal. And Beyond Fetal Alcohol Syndrome will show you how the dangers of drinking during pregnancy can be more far-reaching than you've ever imagined. Eating disorders can pose some risks to mother and baby and can also cause emotional difficulties for the pregnant mother.

Smoking During Pregnancy and Marijuana and Pregnancy will provide you with invaluable information about why these two common activities can seriously harm your baby. Read Drugs and Pregnancy for information on other substances that can harm your baby. If you are a smoker who's looking to quit, then check out our Tips to Quit Smoking and help yourself butt-out! If you're not a smoker but live with someone who is, then you'll want to read Second Hand Smoke and Pregnancy to learn how breathing in second hand smoke can be just as bad for you and your baby.

Toxins, Chemicals and Pesticides

Toxins, Pesticides and Pregnancy will help you avoid some common chemicals you may never have thought to avoid during your pregnancy. And if you have an outdoor cat, then take a look at Toxoplasmosis, which outlines a rare but serious infection that you may be at risk of contracting.

However, some chemicals you may not have had a choice a

bout being exposed to. Up until the 1970s, many women were prescribed DES to help minimize their rsik of miscarriage. Unfortunately, the drug had the opposite affect and is still impacting women today. Another pregnancy risk factor that you may not have heard of is Fifth Disease, a viral infection that could lead to pregnancy complications.

After you give birth, be aware of any heavy bleeding. Although rare, postpartum hemorrhaging can be very dangerous to a woman.

Are you pregnant and over the age of 35? Then you will want to read Pregnant After 35 to learn about the possible complications that can arise in your pregnancy because of your age.


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