7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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Tamara - March 6

Is there anyone out there who had a normal pregnancy who did not see their baby in the sac on u/s till really late? Like 7 weeks or later? I did not see my sac until 6 weeks and now its just empty. Its growing and the dr's say its not a good pregnancy. But my hcg's are rising like normal. I have absolutely no miscarriage symptoms at all. I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this. How many weeks were you when you finally saw your baby compared to empty sac on an earlier u/s??


Angela - April 1

My first pregnancy was like that. I dont want to scare you, but mine ended up as a miscarriage at 11 weeks. We could not see a baby until 10 weeks. We heard the heart beat once, and it died the same day. If the pregnancy is going the way it should, you should see the baby. I am 7 weeks now, and everything can be seen. I really hope all goes well for you.


dawn - April 2

I went for an u/s on Wed. I was 7 weeks and they could not see a baby in the sac either. They did a v____al u/s but still no baby or heart beat. I had no signs of miscarage either .The dr. called last night to confirm that my baby has died and that should pa__s it in a week or so. It is the worst feeling not knowing what is going on! And very scary! I pray that things are different for you. Sometimes they say that the baby is still too small to see around five weeks. Could your date possibly be wrong?


Michelle - April 2

I know exactly what you are going through, I had what was called a blighted ovum, it's when your pregnant but the fetus never develops.My hcg levels raised every day like normal, and I felt pregnant.I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks. But I had to have a D&C at 8weeks. But don't worry everything happens for a reason, and things will work out..


angela - April 6

i am 9 weeks 4 days and was told something similar. the first u/s i had was at 5weeks and there was a sac, everything looked fine. iwas spotting at the time also. went back for check up and was told i was at high risk for miscarraige b/c it had flattened out and there was nothing in it at 6 weeks. went back again at 7 weeks 3 days and everything was fine, also saw the heartbeat. i went to the e/r last night b/c i still have the spotting and was told im still at risk to miscarry cause there is blood outside the placenta. but the baby is fine. so i would give it a week and maybe things will change.sometimes i think docs miss things or dont always know the answer.


Randi - April 7

I had a sonogram at 8 weeks bc of bleeding to find that I also had an empty sac. That's the first I'd ever heard of such a thing. It's called a blighted ovum & makes for 50% of all miscarriages so it's pretty common & doesn't mean that there's something wrong with your reprod system. But I miscarried within the week after the sonogram. Broke my heart. To know that something I cared for, protected, & dreamed of didn't exist & wasn't ever there in the first place. Like I was taken advantage of in some way. If anything happens & this pregnancy doesn't work out, I hope you know that you're not alone. I was in your feet at one time & I'm still walking.


trace - April 8

I had an "empty sac" at what I calculated as 8 weeks. No baby was detected, just a yolk sac. My levels kept rising and two weeks later a second sonogram showed a strong heartbeat. My son was born on time and healthy. There is always hope!


Kay - April 8

Yes, all my u/s's up to just about 9 weeks showed only an empty sac and my dates were exact. Do a search online of misdiagnosed miscarriages. This happens alot. Don't get pressured into a D&C until you have definite proof this is a miscarriage and an empty sac is not definite proof. Hope you get good news.


sonia - April 16

next week i will find out about the hcg levels. If they are declining my doctor will do a dnc if not we will just wait


jenni - April 19

that happened to me ...It is called a blited ovum Its when you you get the hormones and the sac but no baby ..Im not trying to scare you but i had a miscarriage at almost 3 months with this ...i never heard the heart beat but I had all the pregnancy symptoms...well good luck.


Curran - April 20

This is our first too, we went to the OB GYN yesterday for our first appt. She did an internal U/S and could not see anything. She sent us to their lab tech for another u/s immediately with a better machine. She too cannot see or hear anything. However, she confirmed that the sac size is normal for almost 9 weeks. I did not experience spotting and all seems normal and my hcg came in very high. This is the first time I heard of empty sac. My Dr. asked to see me back in 1 week to determine what should be done. My husband and I are both sad but I know it's God's will.


Cyndi - April 20

Joining the club - today we found out that at 7 weeks our "baby" is apperently a blighted ovum. My sac was empty and rectangular (rather than round). I'm going back in a week, but there's not much hope of a viable pregnancy. No heartbeat was detected and I'm measuring 5 wks. I suppose my biggest concern is having the actual m/c. I am very nauseas, tender b___sts, headaches, etc... all the normal pregnancy symptoms. I'm guessing that I'll suddenly burst into cramps and bleeding??? Can I opt for a D&C - to avoid the anxiety and get past this? Any D&C horror stories? Thanks for your insights...


Donna - April 20

Tamara you really should be seeing something on the ultra sound by now. What does your Dr. say?


Toni - April 21

Tamara, I'm going thru the same thing as we speak. I was at the doctors about a week and a half ago and they said that my sac was empty meaning it wasnt a viable pregnancy and that I would probably lose it within a week or two. They wanted to rush in and do a d&c but we opted out b/c Im not bleeding or having any symptoms other then of being pregnant ( morning sickness, b___st tenderness.. etc etc ) As of yet I still have not lost it but I'm going for a 2nd opinion next week. My best advice to you is to wait it out and see. Anything is possible just keep your faith :)


Tina - April 22

I went for an u/s at 7 weeks and was scared to death to see only an empty sac! They told me I was only 5.5 weeks but I knew that was not right! I was supposed to come back in 10 days, let me tell you the 10 LONGEST days of my life! I started spotting brown 2 days before my appointment. I went in there thinking the worst, I was so sad. She inserted the u/s and said "look what a difference 2 weeks makes" There was a baby!!!!! A heart beat!!!! 180 beats! I cried my eyes out, I was so happy. My dates are back where they should be and I am 9.5 weeks. I do not know what happened on the first u/s but ladies do not go by the first one, they say it hard to see anything that early. I wish you all well!


Marla - April 24

I hate reading these things. It's so crazy what can happen. I has a d&C at 8 1/2 weeks b/c hey saw a sac with no embryo, just a yolk sac. I feel like I should ahve waited to see what would happen, I had no bad signs of bleeding or cramps. You really put all your trust in doctors! I am now in another situation and my doctor thinks I may have an ectopic and wants me to take the medicine. I have no pain and was pg and at 5 1/2 weeks started bleeding. MY hcg dropped then rose back up agin and has been slow rising since?


christina - April 26

i was pregnant 4 months ago and it ended in a miscarriage, and now im pregnant again and it seems to be bad news again, i went for a sonogram 2 weeks ago and the detected a sack with no fetus, they scheduled me again for another sonogram last week and now saw 2 sacks still no fetus, the doctor is claiming im 10weeks pregnant but i really dont hink so. I explained to her that my pregancey test didnt come up positive on the day of my missed period it came up positive 1.5 weeks after, i think im more like 6-7 weeks, now she called me and explained i have a blighted ovum and wants to schedule me for a D&C, im have no symptoms of a miscarrige, no bleeding cramping I just dont know what to do, all these hope stories really put some hope back in my life, ill update you all and may god be with all of you



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