The Second Trimester

This part of your pregnancy is sometimes described as the honeymoon phase because around this time morning sickness tends to subside and although you're getting bigger, you won't be so huge that you'll have difficulty moving.

Around week 14 it's possible to tell the gender of your baby. The following week his skeleton starts to develop as well as a scalp hair pattern.

In week 16, your baby will be able to make facial expressions and a sucking motion. Some babies begin sucking their thumbs in utero.

Girl babies form a uterus and vagina in week 19.

The 20th week marks the halfway mark of your pregnancy and you might be able to feel your baby move. He's approximately 6 1/3 inches long.

Fingerprints and footprints form in week 23 and real hair grows the following week. By this time your baby will have a regular sleeping and waking pattern.

At week 27 your second trimester ends. Your baby will now have tripled in size since the end of the first trimester.

The Third Trimester

At 28 weeks your baby's eyes will start to open and she'll be able to open them wide by week 30. Bones are fully developed even though they're still pliable and soft.

Around 31 weeks a baby boy's testes move through the groin. The following week your baby will start practicing breathing and your baby will be able to detect light in week 33.

At week 35 the vernix coaseosa thickens. This is the pasty white coating on your baby designed to protect this skin. Your baby is considered full term at 37 weeks and would be able to survive on his own if born now.

In week 38 your baby's ability to grasp things gets stronger. Your baby will continue to grow and put on fat layers that will help him maintain his body heat after he's born.

The third trimester officially ends at week 40 but many babies are born past this week. If your doctor is concerned about the baby's size or health, induction may be suggested.


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