Preconception Care

Taking care of your body is a vital step in getting pregnant. That’s why preconception care is so important not only for your health, but also that of your future baby. In addition, getting into healthy habits now ensures you will be ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle once you conceive. Find out more about getting ready for pregnancy and get your reproductive life plan today!

Prepare For Pregnancy

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you achieve proper preconception health. Avoiding such unhealthy elements such as alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes, helps ensure that you can provide a healthy home for a baby. Learn more about preconception nutrition, like why you should take prenatal vitamins prior to getting pregnant, and read about the widespread benefits of getting fit before pregnancy.  Also check out our articles on the benefits of yoga and learn more about how gluten can affect pregnancy.

You may have heard the importance of taking folic acid while pregnant in order to decrease your baby's risk of developing a heart murmur or spinal bifida.  However, you may not have known that to best protect your yet unborn baby you should start taking the right amount of folic acid three months prior to getting pregnant.  This is because most women are unaware that they are pregnant for many weeks while their baby is developing inside of them.  Doctors now recommend that every women of a reproductive age should be taking folic acid just in case they get pregnant.  This will then protect the baby during the time when the mother has no idea she is pregnant.  

Preconception Challenges

Also, minimizing your exposure to different environmental risks, such as lead, is another way you can help prepare your body for a growing fetus.  You should also stay aware from harsh cleaning products as many of the chemicals and fumes in these products could cause you and your baby damage.   And, all diabetics

should find out about the importance of getting their blood sugar under control prior to becoming pregnant.  Not doing so can be a serious health risk for your baby.

Over 30?  Check out our article on getting pregnant over 30 to learn more about how your age can affect your chances at conception.  The older you get, the harder it gets to get pregnant.  Find out more about how your age hinders your fertility and learn more about the best ages for fertility.  Also look at statistics about the success rates for conception in older women.  However, the window between the ages of 30-35 is still a great time to try for children.  But don't wait too long because every year the window gets smaller and smaller.

This section will help get your body prepared for those all-important nine months ahead!  Read more today about getting ready for pregnancy!

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vera esohe agho
Hi all, i am 27 years old, i have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now, but its not happening.i an not on contraceptives and i and my partner are perfectly ok. please would need some advice as soon as possible on what i should be doing. thank you
11 years ago
Hi All.. I am 26 years old and had a tubal ligation years ago. Lately I have been feeling off, my breasts are sore and swollan and more full, I have heart burn, constipation for a week and them a runny tummy. My uterus feels full and when I do lie on it it feels like I did when I was pregnant. I had my period on the 2nd Dec 2011 till the 7th/8th dec on the 17th I had brownish discharge on my tissue paper the whole day after going to the bathroom. Today is the 23rd Dec and my breasts are a lot fuller and sore then usual. I've also been super tired this past week. Can I be pregnant? I really hope that a miracle has haPpend!
13 years ago
Hi All, I am 26years old and I am actively trying for pregnancy. My mensus are usually irregular, once in two months or sometimes very regular. I got my last period on June 8th 2011 and I did a pregnancy test when I missed my period on July 8th 2011 which was negative. And on the 8th August 2011 I started to have spotted bleeding and I thought I got my mensus. But the bleeding was not heavy and I didn't had to use a pad. I could have wiped it off whenever I use the washroom. I went to a Pregnancy test on the fourth day and it was negative as I was feeling feverish assuming that was pregnancy symptoms. I later realised that was not mensus as there was no pain in my abdomen at all. I was normal. Now that I have read a little about Implantation Bleeding, I am feeling that was a Implantation bleeding as well. The bleeding is still on and its been 10 days almost but its just drop by drop bleeding. I am confused if I have a chance of getting pregnant which I wold be to look forward. I am also having morning sickness. I would like to know when should I be taking the pregnancy test at home as the spotting has not yet stopped. Please help me in this regard. An early response would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
13 years ago