There are many options available for individuals looking to adopt a child. From international adoption to domestic adoption, to closed and open adoption, our Adoption section provides you with helpful advice on the right type of adoption for you and your family.  Learn more about the different types of adoption choices you may be confronted with and find out how to best make the decision about what kind of adoption is best for you and your family.  Also learn about all the legal and financial issues involved in adoption and get all the facts to best prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Open Or Closed Adoption?

Deciding between open and closed adoption

? For some families, an open adoption is the preferred solution, as it allows the child to retain a relationship with their birth mother/parents. This then allows the child to know where he or she came from yet still retain the identity of your child.  This type of adoption also often makes it easier for the birth parents as they get yearly photos and letters from the adoptive parents letting them know how their biological child is doing.

For other parents, however, a closed adoption is favored as it provides a stronger sense that the child is theirs, just as a birth child would be. In this form of adoption neither the child nor the parents maintain any connection.  Compare the unique benefits associated with each of these main types of adoption by taking into consideration factors such as privacy, parenting rights and cost.  Weight the pros and cons of both open and closed adoptions and decide which type of adoption will best suit the needs of you, your family and your future child.  Have an idea about where you stand on this issue before entering into any adoption agreement.  

Domestic Or International Adoption?

Learn about the process of domestic adoption, including eligibility requirements and information about costs.  Knowing the ins and outs of the domestic adoption arena is very important and will help creating a smoother road for when you are ready to adopt.  Securing the services of a licensed adoption lawyer will also help ease the process as their are many legal issues involved in adopting a child.

International adoption has garnered a lot of media attention as of late, and can be a rewarding type of adoption for those wishing to help children in less privileged countries.  Follow in the footsteps of stars like Madonna and Angelina Jolie and help give an underprivledged child a better life.  However, international adoptions can be very tricky and complicated.  Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding adoption.  Before trying to adopt from a particular country be sure to consult an adoption expert who specializes in that location.

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Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. I have been reading posts, couples are really confused between adoption and surrogacy. We all know what is best and why. But we still take time so that we can make a great decision. I can't wait for my baby. We had our first surrogacy and now all we can do is wait. I know adoption is a way to easy than surrogacy. But surrogacy is a great option. You know some biological link and that's all parents need. Comparing to adoption, surrogacy is a great choice. Many couples are now concerned about surrogacy. Thanks and hoping best for everyone. Kindly pray for us.
6 years ago
Hello everyone, I wanted to share my experience with you all. I am 43. I had a miscarriage and lost my unborn child in a road accident. Life was just stopped for me. Everything became colorless to me. My husband started ignoring me. I was so depressed. Then my friend told me about a clinic in Europe. We lived in Japan so I talked to my husband and shifted in Europe. I visited that clinic and was surprised by the good behavior of others. There were very positive vibes. Doctors told me about surrogacy and then we went for this process. Now I have a beautiful baby girl. I am so happy. I would recommend you all to visit this clinic for your treatments.
6 years ago
all me and my husband have wanted for a long time is to have a baby. but due to issues i has while i was pregnant with my child i got my tubes tired and i will never again be able to get pregnant or carry the baby to term. me have my husband have had multiple adoptions fall through and this is my last hope. we have spent more money then u could even believe. i feel like just giving up good thing that my husband has hopes. does anyone else have this issue. some times i feel like im fight against the world. the last 2 adoptions failed because they said that they were not sure how they feel about having there baby be around my 6 year old because she has seizures. im not to sure how to feel about that any opinions. people act like it is contagious. gerrrr..
9 years ago
Its not wrong at all and you shouldnt worry about what other people think. If its what you want to do then go for it. Your only 35 so you can make up for what your husband cant at 71. I think the biggest issue for the age is that as sad as it is with age comes health problems and of course death and its something you may need to deal with but its completely up to you and i dont think you need someone off a web site telling you wether its right or wrong.
12 years ago
I am 35 and my husband is 51. Is it wrong for us to want a baby at this age. If I am lucky enough to fall pregnant my husband will probably be about 53. By the time our child is 18 my husband will be 71. Is that wrong? My concern is what other people will think of us...
13 years ago