Are You Ready To Adopt?

For most couples, adoption may be the last option they have to enter parenthood. But it may be the best option left.  Read on to find the points you and your couple should consider before looking into adopting a child.

1. Cost. Do you have a sufficient amount of money to adopt after spending a chunk of your savings on infertility treatments? Adopting a child, especially through international adoption agencies can be costly. Do you have a savings plan? Will it be enough to adopt and then provide for your adopted child? How long will it take you to save up enough money? Does your employer offer reimbursement for adoption expenses?

2. Time. How long have you and your couple spend trying to get pregnant? How old are you? How many infertility treatments have you tried? Fertility treatments can be addictive, because there's always the chance that maybe during the next cycle or treatment you may get pregnant. But how many times have infertility treatments left you with no viable pregnancy but with empty words of hope? Are you ready to accept that you may not be able to conceive, but can raise and love someone else's child like you own?

 3. Endurance. Can you take any more infertility treatments? Can you keep riding the constant roller coaster of emotions when treatments fail, month after month, year after year? Can you endure the physical discomfort of being poked and prodded daily by fertility specialist? 

4. Acceptance.  Are you ready to give up your dreams of conceiving, the dreams of natural motherhood? Can you accept that you may never feel a baby grow inside of you? It's best to learn to accept these things, before looking into adoption.

5. Your mate. Is you partner ready to move on? Does he or she accept the fact that you may never be able to conceive even with the help of treatments? How does your mate feel about the possibility of adopting?

Adoption is just another path to parenthood. It may lack the excitement of getting pregnant and the anxiety caused by pregnancy symptoms, but couples are sure to experience the whole array of other emotions that come with preparing the arrival of your child, in this case your adopted child. 

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