Birthmother Looking For Family To Adopt A Newborn

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MandD123 - August 10

I have not heard anything from ANY of the posts I have replied to. :-( I guess i'm thinking it would be nice to have some sort of update (ie "i'm currently talking to a family" or "I have changed my mind."). As we all know - we walk on pins and needles every day and wear our hearts on our sleeves and the waiting and unknown is killer. :-( I wish us all the best of luck! [3


jill777 - August 12

MandD123]]]Megan, thank you for those comforting words. I am just going through a very tough times. We are one of the families who have been affected by the flood last week. Thank God me and my daughter are ok as of the moment....


Ejesbe - August 12

Hi. My husband and I live in Ohio so not super far away. We would love to talk to you. Please email samanthaelrod1 at yahoo dot com.


bga1225 - August 14

We are Beatriz and Matt, a happily married couple who live in Chicago. We are looking to adopt a newborn or an older child. We are working with an adoption agency in town and we have our home study approved. We are ready to receive a child into our home. We are healthy, fun, loving and financially stable. Please, e-mail us at mattandbeatrizadopt at gmail dot com We can send you our profile with pictures and further information aboutus and our family.


kabl2013 - September 15

For several weeks I thought I was going to miscarry. It looks as though it was a supposed to be twins, but I have one healthy baby but two amniotic filled sacks. So my body wants to abort the empty one but doesnt know how to keep the healthy one. I'm under the close supervision of my doctor and she thinks all will be fine now.


grifdm - September 16

Kim, I'm so sorry you're having to experience that! I know how draining a miscarriage is on your body. As long as you are doing well now and getting lots of rest! Thank you for the update on here, I never heard from you again through email! Take it easy and I hope we get to talk again, sometime! Danielle Adoptiondos at gmail dot com :)


nicole167 - September 18

Hope as is well I know that this has to be very hard for you going through this. If you are still looking for a family our email is marcandnicole (at)att (dot) net. I also have been through a few miscarriages so if you just need someone to talk to email me.


JennynJess - September 22

I was wondering if you have chosen a family for your little one yet? If not...A little about our family...I am a teachers with my Master's and my husband has a VERY well paying job here in Wyoming. We own our own home here in WY and also another in Colorado where we both have VERY large, loving families. I have been happily married to my JR high sweetheart for five years now. After trying for over a year with our first we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. My second pregnancy was unfortunately a late and very painful miscarriage. We were, however blessed with another beautiful baby boy last July. I would greatly like to speak with you but hope you and the little one the best either way.


1brandysue - October 14

Hello Please see our site if you're still looking. Good luck! Thanks.


sabinabj - October 18

Hello, I am a girl of nearly 23 years who can not get pregnant, I have been trying for 6 years now and no händer.jag work both in kindergarten and schools. when I could not get pregnant, I bought a dog for myself to ease my pain for about 2 years ago now that got to be my "baby" But now want so badly to have a baby so therefore I look at adoption. do you want to know more about me email when the bjorklund90(at)gmail(DOT)com


Sl - October 18

I am one of many on here...if you need to talk about the process..please let me know..


kabl2013 - October 21

I picked a family. Thank you everyone.


Sl - October 22

We are in MN, if that isn't too far please let me know.


looking2adopt - November 14

We are trying to adopt as well. It has been a rough road ....7 miscarriages and a failed adoption (since she decided to parent) has not stopped us from moving forward and trying to add to our family. You can find out who we are and what we are about on Bojan Adoption Profile. Thank you for considering us. Anita and Jim


babypie1523 - November 15

My husband and I have had many complications with pregnancies; nine miscarriages. We have been married for almost 10yrs. I have two teenage daughters from a previous marriage, we have one daughter together through Invetro fertilization and adopted a daughter through the state. I have had nine miscarriages because of genetic disorders and uterus issues, our daughter nearly didn't make it so because of all those problems we decided to adopt our next child; a girl. We love all of our girls but would like to add a boy in our family but do not want to go through the heartache of miscarriages again, we cannot afford Invetro again and the state system takes several years; it took us three years to finish our adoption of our daughter because the state has a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through. We live in New Mexico but would consider adopting from other states. On a personal note, we are a Christian family and are an active part of our church community. I would be happy to answer any questions someone may have. ? Do you have an attorney or are you willing to just sign over parental rights? Thank you to all the wonderful mothers willing to go through caring a baby for the adoptive parents in need. Sarah


jandbb - November 15

Hi Jill, I am wondering if you have settled on a family yet? If not I am hoping maybe we could e-mail eachother and I can provide you with more information. Thank you and I wish you the best...J


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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