Birthmother Looking For Family To Adopt A Newborn

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kabl2013 - July 27

I am 37 and only 8 weeks along. I am looking for a family to adopt my baby when it is born. I live in Michigan and was hoping to find someone close that really wants to be a part of this, go to doctor and ultrasound appointments with me. There are many things I would like to see happen so I'm sure we will have to talk. Thank you.


nicole167 - July 28

Hi- I would love to speak with you about your situation, we are in Illinois so not to far away. our email is marcandnicole at att dot net . Hope to hear from you soon.


erinborn585 - July 28

Hi there, I jumped in excitement when i read your post. My name is Erin. My husband JJ and I live in Dimondale, MI ..just outside of the Lansing Holt area. We are desperately looking to adopt. We have tried for 3 years to have our own, but after no success, we decided to listen to God's voice that said "You are called to be adoptive parents" I'd love to tell you more about us and our lives, and I would so so love to hear about you and where in Michigan you are. My husband and I are in the process right now of getting our homestudy completed, and living in Michigan, We would be able to be an active part, which we would love to do! Please email me! erinborn at yahoo dot com. God bless you! - Erin B.


grifdm - July 28

Hello! My name is Danielle and my husband is Joshua and we live in Lansing! What part of Michigan are you from? My husband and I started trying to have kids 7 years ago, did the in vitro thing, no luck and in 2010 we adopted our daughter is now 2 and we are so excited to adopt again! During our daughters birth mothers pregnancy I was at every appointment, ultrasound and was even in the delivery room. It was a truly amazing experience and we still have contact and maintain an open adoption. We own our home, he works for the state and i work part time for a real estate agent but i spent our daughters first 18 months at home, which I plan on doing for our next child. If you have any questions for us you can reach us at adoptiondos (at) gmail (dot) Com or you can check out our site at adoptiondos (dot) webs (dot) Com. I hope to hear from you! :)


grifdm - July 28

Ps - we have a completed home study through an agency in dearborn and are up to date on all security clearances! We are just waiting to be matched..


erinborn585 - July 30

Hi again, I would love to talk to you, Please respond as soon as you can :) erinborn at yahoo dot com, thanks again so much!!


kabl2013 - August 4

So sorry. I will cotact all of you this weekend. Thank you all for responding.


grifdm - August 5

Look forward to hearing from you!


MandD123 - August 8

Hello there! I know it is still early in your pregnancy and you are full of emotion and the hormones are starting to churn. I am sure this is all very overwhelming at this point as well. I'd like to give you a little information about myself and family and if you would like to know more PLEASE feel free to contact me - we are an open book!! First off my name is Megan (32yrs old) and I live in Sterling Heights with my fiance, Dale (34 yrs old) and our 2 daughters. Dale has been my best friend for over 20 yrs!! It just took us for what seems like forever to finally become a couple. Our daughter are not biologically Dale's (they are from my previous marriage) but he has been there for them since they were born! By the time Dale and I got together - I had cervical cancer (among other issues) and can not carry another pregnancy. I can give you more info on our families or whatever questions you have. BTW I am a certified doula (labor a__sistant) and would be more then willing to attend every appt with you if you wanted that! my email is (no spaces) dizzyizzysmommy AT aol DOT com Good luck on your journey and I hope to hear from you! Thanks for reading this!! Megan


lacie583 - August 8

Hi! We are Lacie and Jason. I(Lacie) am actually from Saginaw MI and still have most my family and lots of friends still there. We have been trying to adopt for a few years now and are still searching for a baby to love and nurture.I will be a primarily stay at home mom as I have a very flexible sch. We are 29 years old and live on an acre if land outside of Pittsburgh PA and would love to hear more about you and your situation. Please feel free to contact us jladoption at hotmail dot com.


jill777 - August 10

I am a single mother and i have a three year old looking for a parent who can give her a better future since i know i cannot me if you are interested. i cannot think well as i am making this.


MandD123 - August 10

Jill777, I am so sorry you are struggling with such a heart wrenching decision. Please feel free to email me at dizzyizzysmommy AT aol . com if you'd like to talk Megan


lacie583 - August 10

Jill We would be interested in knowing more about you your precious daughter and your situation please see above for contact info! Look forward to hearing from you


nicole167 - August 10

Jill-we would be intersted in learning about you and your daughter. Marcandnicole at att dot net


MandD123 - August 10

Hi i am just wondering if anyone has heard from either of these ladies?


lacie583 - August 10

I have not heard anything from either of them.


MandD123 - August 10

I have not heard anything from ANY of the posts I have replied to. :-( I guess i'm thinking it would be nice to have some sort of update (ie "i'm currently talking to a family" or "I have changed my mind."). As we all know - we walk on pins and needles every day and wear our hearts on our sleeves and the waiting and unknown is killer. :-( I wish us all the best of luck! [3


Unfortunately, due to the fact that many people have been using this forum to essentially try to "buy" or "sell" babies we have decided not to permit any more posts to this area of the site

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