22 And TTC

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segreenwade - February 18

I'm 21 and my soon to be husband and i been TTC too, Thank you for your prayers i will pray for you too, I'm hoping that my period does not come on this month. This will be my first child too, good luck to you and lots of Baby dust your way


Megs - February 22

Hello fellow ladies! I am 22, 23 end of May, and DH is 25. I have been off BCPs for 13 months. DX in Oct. 2006 with PCOS. Decided to start actively TTC in Oct. but due to schedules and dh literally being away it has been put on hold... So I guess this would be our first month actively TTC; by that I mean BDing every other day and getting into the "grove". I have been temping on FF but my chart is SO crazy! It's a complete headache! It's cool to see others in the same boat... Pipa, I feel you with expenses. Dh graduates in July 2007 and I'll graduate Sept. 2008. Gosh, that's like FOREVER away! It is nice to talk to others who have so much in common with myself!!


tryingrose - February 23

Hello Ladies! I am glad that I found all of you on here. I am 23 and in my two month of trying and it is nice to find some ppl on here who are the same age. Good Luck


nurs2b24 - February 28

Hey Ladies! I am 20 years old and I am ttc. This is my second month so I'm hoping this next time will be the winner....I too feel bad because some people try for soo long and I am already impatient. I thought since I was so young that I shouldn't have any problems...but IDK.


Nursegirl - April 12

Hello All!! I'm also 22 and TTC with our first. Stopped BCP's in Oct. after being on them 6 yrs. Been trying for about 6 months, so hopefully this will be our month!


ashleyd - April 15

Hi there, I'm 22 and pregnant with our 1st. We stopped using protection in March of 06, got pregnant in May of 06 (ended in m/c). Then were blessed by another positive in October of 06. Currently 30 weeks along. Usually, when you're in your early twenties, it tends to take less time to conceive than later on. That doesn't always hold true, but from talking to other mom's to be near my age, they seem to have had a much easier time becoming pregnant than women slightly older. Just keep yourself relaxed, and don't make TTC such a chore, keep it fun and a little bundle will come to you :) Good luck .


tmsyq1229 - April 24

Hey everyone! I'm so glad I found this site :) I also am 22 and my husband and I are ttc , and have been since December...obviosly with no luck as of yet. I really thought this last cycle was the month, cause I had some light spotting about a week ago, but then today I started my perios. I know that it ususally takes couples a while to concieve, but I can't help but feel a little frustrated and impatient. I live on a military base, and I swear everyone around me is prego :) My husband leaves for Iraq in September or December of this year and we really wanna get prego before he leaves. I've been charting my bbt and cm, but it's just not happening and I'm starting to fear that it won't before he goes.


lizzyjordan4eva - May 31

Hey There! Hope you are in the best of your health. You should not worry about it at all. Relax. Stress can be very bad while TTC. I can still understand the complications that are existing in your mind. TTC is tough. It requires patience.


Gloriamulk - June 12

Hello there! How are you? Hey you have every right to do what you want. You wanna complain? Complain. Nobody is stoping you dear. And don't worry. You will not have to complain. You will be pregnant soon. I have a feeling that you will.



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