6 Weeks With Empty Sac As Seen During Vaginal Ultrasound

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Kelly - November 3

Hello Everyone, I am having the same experience as a few of you. I am about 6 weeks along, I think and all they are able to see is an empty sac. We had a horrible loss last febuary when we lost our 3 month old girl to an uncorrectable heart defect and this pregancy coming so close to what would be her first birthday is devastating. I do not know what to think. I had the first ultrasound 2 weeks ago and it was the same, so they scheduled this one and still they can not see anything. I am still having prenancy symptoms though and no pain or spotting. This would be my 4th pregancy and I have never miscarried, so I do not know what to think. I kept waiting for the blood to start. They wanted me to schedule a D&C, but I am waiting 2 more weeks and I insisted today on tests to check my levels. I want to see if they are declining. I do not want to be unrealistic, but I keep hearing about this happening to other women and it actually turns out that there is still a baby. Please let me know if you have any info. Thank you, Kelly


paula - November 4

i had the very same experience about 35 months ago and finally lost my baby. I am abour 4-5 weeks pregnant now and am having slight sharp pains which seen to be coming from inside on the right side where my tubes seem to be. i am very scared that i will loose this baby to.any advice?


jenn - November 4

kelly, i feel for you. i was going through the same thing last week & it turned out fine. we found a fetal pole & a heart beat the following week. it was a horrible week of waiting though. keep praying; worrying does more harm than good. i hope it all turns out good for you too.


Kelly - November 4

Hello again, I posted yeasterday and have new info. I insisted on an HCG test to check my levels and they are at 10,700 which is good for around 5-6 weeks. I am ahving another test drawn tomorrow to make sure it is going up instead of down. I am trying to stay optimistic and hope that by Monday I will know more. If this pregnancy still exsists I am going to want to strangle those Dr.'s who wanted to schedule a D&C. I am still having to spotting or pain, so who knows. It is hard being in limbo though. I will update when I have more info. Good luck to everyone, Kelly


cherry - November 5

This is the same thing that happend to me yesterday. I had a v____al u/s and the Dr. saw the sac but no embryo. I'm 5.4 weeks. My Dr. wants me to come back in 2 weeks to make sure we see something. It's comforting to find this post. I hope all you girls in the same boat post your results so we can all compare. Thanks for your repost Melanie! I'll try to repost in 2 weeks on my next u/s.


Kelly - November 5

Hello again, I got the results of my second HCG and it had gone up 370. I thought it was good that it was going up, but the nurse said it should have doubled in 48 hours. Has anyone else had this experience? I have another week and a half til the next ultrasound and wish I had something more concrete. I wish all of you luck. it is weird that so many of us are going through the same thing. Kelly


Kristin - November 8

I just went in on Thursday, 11/4, for my 12 week checkup. I had no symptons of any problems, at all. The doctor could not find the heartbeat so they did a sonogram. The sac was there and appropriate size for 12 weeks, but no fetus. I had to have a D and C on Friday. They say it was nothing I did and nothing I could have done to change the situation. It was probably a genetic mismatch or a blighted ovum. It's very common, although unusual to get that far without any symptoms. Needless to say my husband and I are devastated, but I am looking forward to trying ahead in a few months. I would not wish looking at that empty sac on the sonogram monitor on my worst enemy!


W - November 8

Can I just ask what symptoms would you have if there is a problem with the baby if it is not developing properly, reading some of these makes worry a little bit.


To Kristen - November 8

Did u still have all pregnancy symptoms, I mean did you feel that you was pregnant throughout ur 12 weeks, or did they all of a sudden just stop?


levi - November 8

i got a positive result from the doctors and my baby is due sometime in july.


clk - November 8

I was 6 weeks pregnant. I had some brown spotting and went to emergency unit for an US. They told me they saw an empty sag. The Doc told me that I have blighted ovum and should come in next day so that he give me a pill to 'miscarry'. My husband and I were shocked and sad, when asked the doc told us 99% is blighted Ovum, 1% is he made a mistake. We did not know what to do as I could not beleived that and wanted to try a second opinion. We went by another doc , and he advice me to have a HCG blood test, repeated in 3 days and another US then. We followed his advice and after 3 days, we saw our baby measureing 9mm with a healthy heartbeat. Thank God. I would like to share this message with all so that if you do doubt, go for second opinion, miracel might happen. We are very happy that we are lucky and I hope some of you too.


K - November 8

Miranda & all: Thanks 4 your thoughts & prayers. I lost my little sac last Wed on the way to the Dr. ofc to get u/s. It was a horrific experince. I had sharp pains on the drive & by the time I made it into the ofc/bathroom I was spotting & then I saw my sac slide right out. After this the pains/contractions were so severe the Dr. sent me across the street for a D&C. The pains were worst than I ever remember the birth of my daughter being. It took a few days for me 2 b abl to write you all. I wish you all the VERY best!!


Kelly - November 9

Hello everyone, I got more bad news today. My count is going down. I will either miscarry soon or will have to have a D&C. This comes just in time for what would have been my daughter's 1st Birthday, 11/11. I am very sad. I hope things go well for all of you. Thankyou for listening, Kelly


Marla - November 9

I was 8.5 weeks pregnant, felt great and went for my first appointment. I had an internal sono and sure enough, I had a large yoke and no embryo. I had to get a DNC the very next day b/c eventually you would miscarry your sak and afterbirth, but no baby. I am staring all over now. It felt like an out of body experience.


Geri - November 14

Melanie - I was tested nearly a week ago myself and the nurse told me going by my last period, that I was approx 6 weeks pregnant. That day I told her I had some brown spotting, so she told me not to worry but the sec I see any bright red blood, to go see my doctor straight away. I was so happy as Gary and I had been trying for a baby for months now, and have had a couple of let downs before. I couldn't wait to tell my folks the news and some of my friends as I was so excited with my news, all I could think of was FINALLY I HAVE GOT THERE!!! Later that night I felt cramps but they were not severe cramps. I later noticed some bleeding and this time it was dark red and i paniced, so Gary took me straight over to the doctor in the hospital. When I got there I could hardly walk as the pain got worse!! I then had a viginal ultrasound done and as I waited to hear what the doctor had to say it seamed to take ages. he told me he could't see anything as it was too early in the pregnancy, so he called in a senior doctor to check again to be sure. The other doctor checked again and he too couldn't see anything, then told me I MAY be miscarrying at an early stage and as i have had 2 doctors tests that came up positive, he told me that I needed to take a blood test there and then, so I did, then I had to call back the following day to find out the result, and they told me that the HCG level was at a medium prolly due to it being so early in the pregnancy, so they asked me to wait another 48 hours and take another test to see if the HCG level had gone up any or down. I went on Sat night and took another blood test, the doctor told me to call back today to hear my result after 4pm, I did just that and as it is Sunday they told me it would be monday after 4pm before I find out. This waiting is just killing me as this is my 1st pregnancy! Thing is I only bled for 2 days and now it has stopped, and I still feel the symptons of pregnancy, but Gary (my partner) told me that I may still feel the pregnancy symptoms for a while just yet as it can take some time after the HCG level has gone. So I have not gotten my hope built up, but at the same time I cant help but fel sad and I can't get any sleep over it.


SW - November 14

I went through some of the same things back in August. We lost our first at about 5 weeks. Of course, it was devastating, but God never puts more on us than we can handle. We are all strong women and will prevail. We are now pregnant again and having more symptoms than I ever thought about having the first time. I go for my first appointment on Wednesday, so I am excited but a little nervous. I will continue to pray for each and every one of you. Just walk in faith. SW



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