Possible Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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shawn - August 12

samantha yes it is possible that a doctor could mis-diagnose if your pregnant or not. Read the begiining of what to expect when your expecting.She was 2 1/2 months pregnant and was being told she wasn't.Even after blood test and examines. Good luck and let us know if you are.


Sunshine - August 13

i to am wondering if i am pregant i am only 3 days late but i am always early never late i had my tubes tied 15 years ago nauseua backache tired! we want to be pregnant so am scared to take the test to find out so glad to have found this wed site and would love to hear from you all out there! peace,,,


sky - August 14

I had always been reg. as clockwork; now 5 wks late tomorrow (last period June 13). Tubes tied & cut (not caut.) nearly 17 yrs ago. This doc. has a high failure rate, someone told me some time ago. I'm nauseous feeling on & off, constipated where I've always had the diarrhea type of IBS (and that has eased off too!), fall asleep easily in afternoon while watching tv and keep getting that low abdomen feeling like I'm going to start, but just don't. And my "get up & go" has got up and went. Now in the past couple of weeks, around the time my second period was due, my pants are getting snugger around my waist; my bbs are getting sore and my bra is getting too tight. I hate to waste money on a preg. test as I don't see how it could be possible, but before getting tubes tied I got pregnant with just one slip up (4 kids). Does anyone think this is perimenopause or what?????? Help!


lulu - August 16

no answer but i have a ? Had tubes tied 11 years is there a possiblity of getting pregnant after a tubal reversal? thank you


Cynthia - August 19

To Vikki.... If you are pregnant and don't want to be, I am sorry to hear it.... however... no, you cannot sue your doctor.... In all that paperwork, one of the things it says is that there is still a possibility.Mine even went ahead and told me I was a prime candidate to get pregnant again....


Monica - August 19

I am 11 days late. Had my tubal in June 2004. I have felt nausea and crampy. I took two pregnancy tests and they were negative. I am never this late. I do not know what to do.


curious - August 21

I had clips put on my tubes 10 yrs ago. I"ve had somewhat normal periods since then. I feel i may have had a miscarriage even tho i didn't miss a period, is this possible?


Tiffany - August 21

I had a tubal done in april of 2002, and although I do not have perfectly timed periods ( usually 2-3 day difference) I am now 16 days late. I took a hpt and it was negative. I am really worried, if I am not pregnant then something has to be wrong because I feel very 'weird'. Tired, b___bs hurt, I FEEL like I am pregnant. GRRRRR this is really frusterating and I dislike doctors. Any ideas???


KELLY - August 23

im 26 and had my ubes tied 2 years ago,i had my period on the 8/16/05 only for two days and it was light then stoped,i pray to God that some way some how im preganat, i truly regret getting my tubes tied. im having symtoms but i dont want it to be a tube baby im hopping and praying thats its in my uterus.


Lynn - August 23

Kelly why do you hope that you are pregnant? I am 27 and planning on getting my tubes tied with this one, I already have a 9 year old..any advice?


April McIntyre - August 23

my sister had her tubes done in 2000 and then in this year she had a miscarriage also i knew someone that got pregnant after 7 years so yeh it is very possible


Sunshine - August 23

my last perios was very odd to i was 5 days late then only really went fo r2 days and spotted a tiny bit after that we are hoping for a pregnancy the girls at work tell me i should get a pregnancy test but i told them we will wait to seee how my next period is if i get one. i had my tubes tied 15 years ago. we are planning on having a tubal reversal hopefully with in the next 2 months but if i am already pregnant that would be great!


kelly - August 23

for your fyi lynn, i only have one child and i love them i with and if i am pregnant this would be his first child,i want more kids i love kids i only tied them cause i didnt like the pain i went through just to have one. i have an appointment tommorrow ill keep you all posted. please pray for me.


Lynn - August 24

your in our thoughts....


Sunshine - August 24

for the young lady who said she was going to the dr today my prayers and thoughts are with you that you get the answers you are looking for whether pregnant or not we are still hoping for our own little miracle between us. peace...


kelly - August 24

i went to the clinic today and thy took blood from me so i will know tomorrow if im pregnant.im still felling light headed and head aches and flutterin i cant stand the smell of food



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