Don T Touch Me

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valknight - April 29

i know whats ur feelin man, my fiance does the same, shes almost entering the second trimester, its like i can never actually be able to show her affection and im a verry romantic kind of guy, i write poems,. and buy flowers, and she wont even answer the questions i have but anyways man, just stick through it, its hard as hell, but if you wake up in the morning and you think of her then let her know that, and if you think shes treatin you like c___p, get one of her friends to sit down with her and talk to her about it. likelyhood is that she knows shes doin it, just cause your lettin her get away with it.


JKC - April 30

There is no talking to this woman and I am the LAST person she wants to hear anything from. She left back in December, hooked up with her ex-BF, and only calls me when she needs/wants something. I dont talk to her about anything except our baby (she's due any day now!!). Her att_tude irritates the hell out of me - she acts so egotistical, self-centered, and self-absorbed. She is never wrong about anything....never. There's simply no communciating with this woman, so I avoid any subject that I feel she may disagree with (which is just about everything). Alot of people have told me that I'm letting her get away with too much and that is quite possibly true, but what can I do about it? Nothing - just wait until our daughter is born and see if she changes. Oh yeah, here's a new twist for ya - next month I'm moving to Portugal for 15 months and she's moving to Texas (we're both in the military). Think things could get any worse?


Ddvinson3 - May 16

wow JKC that sucks that you are both moving. I just started reading and it's sad that she actually left all together. I figured it was def her hormones but if she left then I think it could have been something else. And I am 21 weeks pregnant and my husband says the same thing. I just try to think about things before I say them but then also try and explain things to him as they occur. But I'm terribly sorry to hear about your situation and only pray things get better for you! Good luck!


Ballerina2mom - June 8

I'm glad to find this forum. I have felt lost for years with these feelings of disgust toward my husband during my pregnancies. I've tried every time to talk myself out of them but it never works. It's so out of my control. At the same time I am aware of how terrible that must make him feel and I end up forcing myself to have sex out of guilt. This actually makes things worse on both sides, so I'm still left with no real solution.

 I'm in no way unsympathetic to the guy in the situation feeling lost and not knowing what to do. But in the woman's defense, it is not something we want or control. We hate it, so please bare with us until it's over and timing is different for everyone.


Larinzo226 - December 16


I am going through the exact same thing with my woman. She is 3 months pregnant with my first child. And ever since a couple weeks ago she all of a sudden started changing. Like she didn't want me to kiss or hug her.  Even while sleeping in the same bed she didn't want me to sleep directly next to her. She have never acted like this before. Not even before she was pregnant. We are both 23. We been friends since the age of 9. But besides that we got into it and she broken up with me for the first time 9 days ago and kicked me out. So eversince then I stopped reaching out. She talks to my family all the time and our mutual friends but for some reason she has been keeping herself distant. So I decided to stop kissing her ass. Everyone told me that it's her hormones etc but that's not an excuse to treat me like shit. But before she was pregnant she was always there for me no matter what. Everything that we went through we would always work it out immediately.  SMH MAYBE I SHOULD MOVE ON. I need advice as well??????

(Idk lol but she's an Aries and I'm a pisces.)



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