Help Hubby Won T Quit Smoking

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Janet - May 25

When I first found out I was pregnant the cigarettes ceased--immediately. I tried to get my husband to quit for the baby, me and his health. He refused. I don't know what to do to get him to quit. He's being stubborn and although he goes outside and sneaks one I can still smell it on him and it's really bothering me. For you ladies who convinced your hubbies to break the habit, what techniques or help did you enforce because I'm desperate--I've tried everything! Help!


Jbear - May 26

My husband quit on his own a week before we found out we were pregnant the first time. He was an ogre throughout that pregnancy. He started smoking again a couple of months before I got pregnant this time, and he's been so much mellower than he was during my last pregnancy. I don't know if it's maturity or nicotine...If it's really important to you that your husband quit, why don't you tell him it makes it hard for you not to smoke if you can smell smoke on him.


Lily - May 30

I'll tell you, asking my hubby to quit was hard. But he calmly explained, that he wouldn't. So instead, we came up with a plan to rid me of the smell. First, he always puts on an extra shirt if he's going to smoke, that way the smell stays on the top layer, he only smokes outside so he can remove that top layer once back inside. Second, if the smell still bothers me in the house, I use Oust Air Sanitizer. Third, if he wants kisses or cuddles and I smell it, I ask him politely to brush his teeth or use mouthwash. We also discussed that he will not hold our baby and smoke at the same time. So far my hubby has been very understanding about my need to keep away the smells that bother me. Perhaps discuss these with your husband? You may not be able to have him stop smoking, but you can change the way it's used around you. Jbear has a good point, too, however. If it is harder for you to stay away from cigarettes when he smokes, say something to him. Good Luck!


Jamie - June 6

My husband voluntarily quit smoking and drinking when we found out I was pregnant. His thoughts? He got to have the fun of making the baby, but couldn't do any of the hard stuff of having the baby, so quitting smoking/drinking was his way of trying to share the burden.


2 Janet - June 6

Im in the same boat. I quit as soon as I found out and its been way harder for my boyfriend. I can't stand the smell on him or his breath. I cant even stand going to his moms house because she smokes inside, when Im not around. The smell is just repulsing to me now and such a turn off. I told him he's going to start losing kisses because of it. He tries to quit about every week, but he can't stick with it. As long as it's not around me then all I can do is b___h at him. It's not like he doesn't already here enough of it!:) Goodluck on getting him to kick the habit!!!!!!!!!!


gem gems - December 21

We recently found out me n my husband are expecting our first baby and I have been asking him to quit smoking. All I get from him I will went I want too but I know he doesnt want to. How can I Get him to understand it's for our baby n it's stressing me out and not helping me when I need to be stress free???


E457 - August 23

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