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my husband is about the laziest creation to walk the earth. he has a job, yes. and he does pay for eveything we need, but he will not help with the kids or house at all. i mean he does NOTHING. he hasnt ever changed a diaper, he hasn't made any bottles, hes NEVER EVER gotten up in the middle of the night with them, i even have to find a babysitter if i want to leave even when he is at home! he will not give them baths, he wont help me cook anything, he wont help me with any chores, he wont even take out the garbage! his job is only 7 hours a day istead of the regular 8. all he does when he is awake is plays his video games. he barely even plays with the kids! our 2 year old loves him to death and tries to emulate him. he wont give him the time of day. i honestly do more for the kids from about 8am-noon than he does in 2 weeks! i even have to put his clothes out for work because he wont! any advice on how to make him get his happy butt up and help me? im getting really fed up...


Melissa - November 3

Your situation sounds a bit worse than mine..but I know how you feel! My fiance is lazy as hell too and he says house chores "just aren't his thing". Oh,,ok, so I guess you think that I absolutley love picking up your dirty laundry and empty drinking cups you leave all over the room?...along with cleaning out the toilet YOU make disgusting and cleaning out my brand new car that you drive and leave a complete mess constantly? And let's not forget about watching your children(whom I love to death!) when they come over..... while you are still sleeping in until afternoon while I make them breakfast/lunch and get them dressed and keep them entertained....and don't you just love when they roll over at night and want some? Yeah right.....that's a joke......=)....I really feel your pain. I usually have to get into a big b__wout argument about him not helping before anything gets done....then he helps for awhile....then its back to the drawing board......Good Luck...we both need it! LOL


grrrrrr - November 3

lol. wow men are sad huh? not all but didnt we get the pick of the litter! don't it suck that these are the men we love lol. well at least ur post took me out of my bad mood. i know im not alone now. i forgot about the hubby does that too.. ewwwwww. anyway thank for the post. it made me smile.


Melissa - November 3

I am glad I made you smile...and one more thing "grrr". What is up with the video games? My fiance is constantly glued to those games in his spare time. I admit I play them sometimes too..but he is such a fanatic. And to top it off they are war games..If he isnt playing his war games..he is watching the military channel on TV.Guns this, battles that, death, submarines, kamikazes...what the hell!. Can I please watch something other than death and destruction say....something interesting like "Science of the Bible" on the History Channel.....or something about the Solar Sytem.....just anything other than war....LOL


Jbear - November 3

I found this joke on another thread: A husband came home from work and when he pulled up to the house, he noticed that the yard was a mess. Garbage and dirty children. He went in the house and it was a disaster. It looked like a cyclone had come through. The toddler was in a dirty diaper. The dishes were all over the house, food on the floor. Dirty clothes everywhere. He started to worry, and called for his wife. He started searching the house for her. Finally he found her in the bathtub soaking in bubbles with candles lit and soft music playing, reading her favorite book. He looked at her incredulous and asked whats going on, the house is a mess and the kids are running amok. She smiled and said, you know how you ask me every day, what did you do today? He replied yes. She said, "Well, today, I didn't do it."


karine - November 3

WOW i dont know hoe all of you do it. i kept my hubby on short leash LOL MAJOR JOKE LOL....but he knows..i will b__w and it aint pretty. he works 8hrs /day 5day/week. its hard work, but i have it hard here too. we have a 2yrs & 3yrs old. And i babysite 6other kids. plus house choires and cooking. he ehlps when he gets in the house. but he too is anoying with his games LOL...


GGGrrrrrrrrrrrr - November 3

does anyones husband play final fantasy online? because thats the game hes addicted to. that and that one game...grand theft auto san andreas. lol jbear. that was funny. maybe i should try that. jk. but thanks for the responses.


gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - November 3

omg! its a sign of the apocolipse!!!! my husband came home from work this morning, and i had lost my voice and was feeling sick, and my husnad actually helped!!!!!!! i got up around 10, and he had the boys changed, made a bottle for our youngest and fed our oldest breakfast! im kinda wondering if he wants something lol. i hope hes just being nice though.


Melissa to grrrrr - November 3

Wow,,,,,I am amazes and happy to here that your hubby is of some help!. Maybe there is hope for men after all!...LOL.....Fiance doesnt play final fantasy...just Halo...and Rainbow Six(or whatever its called).....


XBOX - November 3

I don't think you told the whole story but I don't want to hear it . Sweetie ! there's no bowls left in the cupboard ! What am I supposed to put my cereal in ?


TC - November 4

I hope that I don't get my woman card taken away from me, b___ttt.... I love video games. Now, granted I don't have time to playsince I had the baby, but I don't mind when my husband does. I also play fanasty basketball on yahoo. But on the topic of your husband GGrrrrr, I think you have to figure out just how much and how long you can take his nonsence and deal with it accordingly.


Rachel - November 7

Doesn't that just drive you crazy? I haven't had my baby yet, but my husband does NOT clean...ever. And normally, I'm really tired, but I do clean, and what's worse, we don't have a dishwasher, so I have to do them myself, and the next day, the sink's full again. I have a job too, but it seems like I'm the only one doing anything. But yes I see where you're coming from, what I do is yell at him, and that helps for about a day, but it goes right back to the way it was...*sigh* lol, so tell me if you find a solution.


Jewels - November 7

Not to sound mean but do you all expect your man to automatically change once you have a baby? If your man is lazzy its not as if once you have the baby he will wake up one morning and decide to clean. This is why you have to get them in the habit of helping out before......or maybe Im just lucky and have a good man. : )


ur just lucky - November 7

ur just lucky lol


ally - November 9

u have left it too late lady to expect a change, why would u change every single diaper and not ask for help, u should have asked for help a long time ago, from the word the end of the day if ur doing it all why would he get up off his backside, i know i wouldnt if someone was doing it all and didnt ask for help...........


Jbear - November 9

to Rachel...I have a dishwasher but our water is so hard that I can't use it. I got tired of doing dishes by hand, so I've started buying styrofoam plates and plastic silverware. I save the real dishes for company, and then all I have to wash are the pans. It may be tacky, but my kitchen has been clean every night for six months, which is a record for me. to everyone else, I guess I'd get mad at my husband if he were just working one job...he's working two full-time jobs so that I can stay home (I would rather go back to work but that's beside the point). I can't blame him for parking in front of the tv the second he gets home...he's changed two diapers for our new baby, started to change another and when he noticed it was poopy, he yelled for me to get out of the bathroom and finish changing it. The only time I get annoyed is when he wants me to do something he's never done and never would have asked me to do when I was working, like iron all of his clothes.


grrrrrrrrrr - November 9

it that was directed at me i do ask for help. he always says, scratch that make it whines, saying no no u go do it. they want u. it drives me insane. he did help before we got married, he would even help clan my room. i was living at home btw. but now he does nothing.



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