Baby Constipated On Soy Change Formula Or Will It Get Better

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madison - May 15

my 8 week old has been getting constipated a lot on her soy formula. we had to change to soy because she couldnt handle lactose. the soy has totally helped her with that but now she gets constipated. my dr. said we could give her 1 ounce of prune juice a day if we need to. we have to mix it w/ the formula because she spits it out (dont blame but i was wondering if anyone has had this happen to their lo and if it got any better using prune juice every day? i dont know what other kind of formula she could take at this point but also dont know if prune juice every single day is going to work either...


xcitd2bmum - May 17

Prune juice?? I dunno that doesnt sound right to me. Prune juice is pretty potent anyway, especially for an 8 week old. I was going through the same thing when my ds was about 8 weeks. He did great on the soy but got really constipated too. So we switched through a couple different formulas befor we settled. Hes 13 weeks now and seems to handle regular formula alot better so we have him on gentlease (for gas) and he does well. I would try to explore alternative options, maybe see if you can find a reduced lactose or something like that befor I would try any juice at all. Thier little systems just arent ready for it yet. Also is seems to me that prune juice would cause alot of abdominal cramping? Good Luck to you though! I hope you find something that works for the both of you!


jilly01 - May 17

my dd was on soy formula and we made a prune smoothie....HEE HEE....i would put prunes (baby food) and a little cereal in her bottle, warm it up and she LOVED it, and then an hour later she would go. my dd had tummy and lower gi issues too. my smoothie saved her alot of gas and pain. it's common though for them to be a little backed up cause of the iron in teh formula not just the formula itself.


lin7604 - May 17

why don't you put her on lactose free formula? my ds can't handle lactose either and soy made him constipated and puff out like a balloon. so we have had him on enfamil lactose free and it is great!


frankschick2001 - May 17

We tried soy once, and it was awful. She screamed while trying to poop. We stopped it immediately.


9898lizzz - May 20

My son had really bad constipation and was straining while trying to poop. I tried prune juice, gripe water etc and nothing helped. Once I started him on ” Babies magic tea”, for the first time he pooped without any struggle and his gas issues also solved.



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