Child Safety at Home

Whatever the age of your child, there are dangers within the home that she will need to be protected from. Do some research on detectable and hidden dangers so that you can better safeguard your child.

Child Safety Gates

Your baby's mobility means you need to protect your infant from the hazards of stairs, doorways, fireplaces and more. Whether you want to create a play-space for your child or whether you want to protect him from a child-unfriendly area, there are child safety gates designed to suit all needs.

You can choose either indo

or or outdoor gates and decide whether you want to buy one for a hallway, doorway, top/bottom of stairs, fireplace or even as a divider for a large room. Child safety gates come in a variety of materials to better suit the age and needs of your child: you can find mesh, wood or metal gates.

Whatever gate you purchase, make sure that the finish is non-toxic. Other features on child safety gates include a child-resistant opening latch and "memory" features that remember the size of the doorframe. There are enough child gate brands that you can find one to match your requirements while keeping an aesthetic balance in your home.

Again, do your research on gates before purchasing one, because each one comes with features that are specially suited for an environment's specific needs.

Child Safety for Different Stages

Your Curious Toddler
You once organized your home around convenience. Now you need to organize it around safety. A toddler is mentally busier than any other age group. That means they are curious and like to explore, but don't yet have some of the necessary knowledge to protect themselves from dangers such as fire and heat, sharp objects or dangerous digestives. This means that you have to stay one step ahead of them, as preventing hurt is always better than remedying it.

As you walk through your house, try and see it as a toddler would. Some parents gain perspective on this by crawling around their house for a toddler's eye view! Alert yourself to some of the particular dangers your house could pose to a child.

Safety To Do's for Toddlers:

  • Store kitchen knives and other sharp objects in high-up cabinets.
  • Cover electrical outlets.
  • Keep small objects that toddlers put in their mouths out of reach.
  • Put a lock on your cleaning supply closet or store supplies in upper cabinets.
  • Install child safety gates on stairs and doorways.
  • Lock your house.
  • Close upstairs windows.
  • Place fans out of reach as a toddler's small fingers can fit through fan grates.
  • Plastic bags and cords that a child could get entangled in should also be kept stored away.

These child safety tips are a point of departure for noticing the many other various dangers in your household environment.


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