Twins and Multiples

The arrival of twins and multiples can be an exciting yet turbulent time for new parents. Caring for twins and multiples comes with its own unique set of challenges, for both parents and children. Parents of twins are faced with issues that other parents may not have to deal with. New parents may find the prospect of caring for two (or more!) especially daunting. Luckily, there are many resources available for parents of twins and multiples.

Once you've arrived and settled at home with your newborns, you may find yourself overwhelmed with questions and concerns. New moms may have the task of finding a breastfeeding method for her children, while putting twins and multiples to sleep can feel like a juggling act. Questions of extended maternity leave may arise as parents find themselves needing more time for some unexpected demands. Finding a support system during this stage in your family's life can often benefit parents of multiple babies.

Once parents find a baby care routine that works for the family, questions about raising twins and multiples will likely arise. Children with siblings their own age are often faced with issues of individuality and identity. Older siblings of twins and multiples may be faced with concerns of their own. Parents can take special measures to acknowledge some of these potential problems, and ensure the happiness of their children and the family's as a whole.

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