Baby Care

As you excitedly prepare for the arrival of your new addition and begin the countdown to getting out of those maternity pants, you'll want to learn about taking care of your newborn and Child Safety at Home to make sure you have a child-friendly home. To help you prepare for the big day, have a look at the Baby's Needs Checklist. You can print it out to take shopping or use it for gift suggestions - friends and grandparents are often eager to help you out. Don't forget to take a look at our articles on the best baby strollers and high chairs out there.

Since your baby is not born with an owner's manual, first-time parents will probably want to familiarize themselves with baby care. You'll notice your newborn may have some peculiarities; familiarize yourself with storkbites, lanugo and vernix in How Will My Newborn Look? And you'll be amazed by the sophisticated reflexes that your newborn has. And if your baby looks a bit yellow, then she likely has developed jaundice. Be aware that jaundice, if untreated, can develop into kernicterus in your newborn baby. Although this is rare, it is wise to know about kernicterus treatment. If your baby was born prematurely, then you'll need to read Caring for the Premature Baby. Although not common, some babies are born with or develop cranial asymmetry.

Caring for Your Newborn will help you figure things out, from Bonding with Your Newborn to changing that first diaper. If you're worried about taking care of your baby's umbilicus, Umbilical Cord Care can give you some helpful pointers. Another common worry for parents: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Read our article on SIDS to find out what you can do to lower your baby's risk.

Dealing with a baby that won't stop crying can be very frustrating for new parents. Soothing Your Crying Baby has some creative ways to make a crying baby happy again. Parents are also turning to virtual baby games to put a smile back on baby's face - and to develop those IT skills early!

Bathing Your Newborn and Bathing Tips will ease those first time jitters when it comes to bath time. But before you stock up on baby soaps and powders, read Bathtime for Baby: What's in those Suds? Here you'll find valuable information about the chemicals used to make many of the soaps and body care items that both you and your baby use.

And before your little one can start eating proper solid foods, they will need some teeth. Babies and Teething details when you can expect to see those first teeth and how to make the experience a bit easier for your little one. If you want to start communicating with baby early, teach baby to sign. Learn the advantages of baby signing, including improving your child's IQ and vocabulary! Some parents also ask about the best time to start baby swimming. Find out the answers plus some safety tips.

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