Soothing Painful Teething

Getting Technical

If you want to get technical, a baby is teething from the time he is born. The teething becomes more painful as a new tooth is close to cutting through those little gums. Your child may bite you around this time. It's not personal—the biting and gnawing help to soothe his gums. Don't get upset if he bites you—just offer him something more appropriate to chew on.

*Popsicles-All-juice popsicles are a great way to relieve his pain as well as give him a nutritional boost. You can buy ice pop forms and make your own frozen treats with the juice of your/his choice.

*Frozen banana chunks or frozen bagels-After he gets over his initial surprise, he'll find either of these frozen items a boon to his poor little gums. Keep an eye on your baby to prevent his choking on an overly large breakaway piece.

Bare Bones

*Bones-A turkey bone is appreciated by playful dogs and teething children alike, but watch for splinters and slivers, and make sure the bone is a large one with no thin bones attached.  

*Teething biscuits-These hard cookies are great and always well-liked by little people, but make sure you clean his teeth with a bit of gauze after a chew to prevent tooth decay.

*Sippy cup or bottle of cold water-Water is good for everyone and the coolness of the water helps numb his pain as the water keeps him well-hydrated.

Cold Metal

*Cold spoon-The cold metal of a spoon and its round shape feels just right on painful gums but the handle of the spoon should be bent to prevent choking and injury.

*Teething rings-Commercial teething rings are wonderful for alleviating the pain of teething. Keep them in the fridge for best results. Look for teething rings that are textured. Make sure they contain only water with no little toys or other objects to pose a choking hazard should your baby bite through. In any case, teething rings should be sturdy to prevent punctures.

*Frozen washcloths-Place wet washcloths in a baggie and stow them in the freezer. When your baby is teething, grab one from the freezer and give it to your baby to chew.

Counter Pressure

*Massage-Rub your baby's gums with your clean finger. He might protest at first but will calm down when he realizes that some firm counter pressure is making him feel better.

*Distraction-Keep some new toys on hand for times when nothing else seems to work to soothe the awful pain. Or take your child for a walk to the park or a drive to the mall. Anything that is new and different can help take your baby's mind off of his pain.

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