The Comfort of Bedding for Your Newborn

On average, a newborn baby sleeps for about 16 to 18 hours a day. With a baby spending so much time sleeping, a new mother will want to provide the best comfort for him or her. Having the proper baby bedding will do that.

A new mother has a few choices as to what her baby can sleep in; a crib set up in their own room or a cradle that is set up beside the mothers bed. It is important that you know which type of bed you will be most comfortable having your newborn to sleep in because there are different types of beddings for each. Having the proper bedding for your baby's bed is very important.

Each type of bedding is specifically made for a certain type of bed. The bedding for a cradle will be too small for a crib, while the bedding for a crib is much too big for a cradle. When the proper bedding is used, the corners of the bedding sheet are safely tucked under the mattress and the blankets will fit perfectly with the bed so as to keep your child warm and yet be out of the way as the child moves around in their sleep.

Along with the blanket bedding, there are covers that will help protect the babys mattress from stains. They slide on easily and are simple to remove for washing. These covers can be found for both crib mattresses as well as the tiny mattresses of a cradle.

They are usually of vinyl material so they are just for covering the mattress; they may be a bit too rough in material for the soft skin of your baby. That is why, once the mattress cover is in place, it is then time to put the baby sheet over it. The baby bedding is much softer. 100% cotton will feel much better on your babys skin and help baby to sleep better.

Babies need to feel comfort and usually that is in their mothers arms. Mothers, however, cannot hold their children all the time, so ensure that your baby has a nice bed with soft blankets. Provide your child with the comfort that they need and make their bed the next best thing to mom.

By: Crystal Pack

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I can just remember how my hubby and I used to put up our baby’s crib when she was young. We had fun arranging and beautifying her crib and I say, it was laboured with love. :) Yes, it is really important for them to feel comfortable most especially when they’re sleeping and this would mean that you have to select the best bedding for your baby. For us, aside from the bedding we make sure to put a fine net or screen to protect our baby from mosquitoes. We just want to make sure that she is totally safe even during her sleep. Such meticulous parents huh? Of course, I think if you love your baby, you’ll do anything and everything just for them to be safe. :)
13 years ago