Bath Tips For Baby

1. What You'll Need. Bathe your newborn using a small tub or the kitchen sink. This will save new parents the pain of a sore back and knees. Your baby will also be able to sit more comfortably in this size tub.

2. How Often? Until your baby is more active, you need only bathe her two or three times a week. Once she's more energetic, she'll likely get herself into more sticky situations; now you'll need to wash her once or twice a day. Using a soft cloth, wash your newborn's face frequently and clean the genital area after every diaper change.

3. Proper Procedure. Assemble everything you’ll need for this bath—gather soft towels and have mild soap on hand. Fill the tub with 2-3 inches of warm water; test the water with your elbow to make sure it’s not too warm. Room temperature should also be comfortable so that your baby doesn’t catch a cold.

Now you’re ready to ease your child into the water. Use one hand to support her neck and head. Use mild soap sparingly as it will easily dry out delicate baby skin.

Wash from head to toe, front and back, using your hand or a soft washcloth. Use a moistened cotton ball to wash the face and eyes. Rinse your baby with a wet washcloth thoroughly.
Wash her scalp twice a week, using a damp soapy cloth, and rinse well. Be careful not to get any soap in her little eyes!

4. Wrapping Up. Finally, wrap her up in a warm, soft towel and gently pat her dry. Make sure the genital area is completely dry to avoid a diaper rash.

Note: You don't want to make the bath water too hot, as a baby's skin is very delicate, and may get burnt easily.

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