Essential Preparations For Mums-To-Be

Having a baby involves endless preparations, but not all of them are geared toward learning how to care for the baby. Of course, it's a good idea for a mum-to-be to do as much reading, and take as many classes as possible regarding the actual care of the infant on the way!

But people expecting to be parents also need to do a great deal of preparation around the house. Here's a quick checklist of items you need, and things you need to do around the house before the baby arrives.

Baby-Proof The Home

This should be your first and most important step as a mum-to-be. 

Baby-proofing involves a number of different steps, all designed to make the home safe for a curious, crawling baby. Most importantly, cover sharp corners and edges with rubber stoppers and soft cushion, and make sure electrical outlets are blocked off (no one knows why, but outlets are fascinating to babies). 

Stock Up On Baby Clothes

Sometimes, new parents don't give a whole lot of thought to baby clothes until after the baby is born, often because they're waiting to discover the gender. However, it'll save you some time when you're busy with the newborn if you've already stocked up on these items. 

Purchase Feeding Tools

Many mums-to-be who are planning on breastfeeding their newborn babies make the mistake of assuming this means tools won't be necessary. However, regardless of how you plan on feeding your baby, some accessories will be important. Be sure to look into pumps and bottles before the baby arrives.

Arrange The Baby's Room

This is another step that couples like to wait on until they know a baby's gender. However, setting up a baby's room can actually be a fun and healthy task. Of course, at first you'll want to have the baby in your own room - but when the time comes, it's great to have the little one's room all ready!

Purchase A "Baby Bag"

Believe it or not, this is something a lot of parents forget about - or at least they plan on using a backpack or something that's already lying around. Generally, it's a good idea to purchase an actual baby bag. From extra clothes and blankets, to bottles of milk, a few toys, and basic first aid, having this backpack handy can make going around town with your baby much easier.

Consider Satellite Cribs

A nice crib isn't cheap, and once you find one you like for the baby's main bed, you may not be tempted to purchase more just yet. However, it can be very convenient to have a few simpler cribs around the house in the early stages. One in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom is always a nice setup.

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