Childproofing Your House

Ensuring that your baby is going to be safe in her own home is extremely important. There are many dangers that exist in a house that we adults take for granted, and yet, can be potential dangers for babies. Here are a few pointers and tips to follow:

Around the House

Install CO detectors if you use a gas stove, or if you have an attached garage

Install and maintain working smoke detectors

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand

Plan a fire escape route

First Aid

Assemble a first aid kit for children

Place your doctor's telephone number next to the phone, as well as other emergency numbers

Place non-slip rugs in areas that may be slippery

Water Safety

Set your water heater to 120F

Buy a baby bath that has non slip grooves

If you have a swimming pool, ensure that it is enclosed in a fence, with the correct gate


Ensure that your crib is strong and sturdy, with no sharp edges anywhere

Avoid soft and fluffy bedding

Keep all baby wipes and powders in a safe, out of reach place
In the Car

Purchase a car seat that is strong, and install it correctly

Keep towels in the car, and any other useful items that won't spoil if kept in the car
A mirror that lets you see your baby
Window shades to block out the sun

Don't forget that you will need to change your safety techniques as your baby gets older.

Looking for ways to help protect the safety of your child and others in your community? Wireless Amber Alerts are a valuable tool for recovering missing children. Click here to learn more.

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