Best Pregnancy Products for 2018

Cigarettes to help an expectant mom relax? Garlic as an indicator of pregnancy? Pepper to encourage sneezing and ease the pain of childbirth? These are just a few examples of pregnancy “helpers” found throughout history. Luckily, expectant moms have a wide variety of pregnancy products to choose from these days. Here are five great ones for 2018 and beyond.

1. A clear, concise pregnancy calendar with tips and important information about what’s happening with you and your baby throughout each of the weeks during your pregnancy. It’s yours for free, and you’ll find plenty of fun facts inside.

2. Of all the pregnancy symptoms you’ll be facing throughout the coming months, back pain and sleep difficulties are likely to be somewhere near the top of the list. Leachco Snoogle pregnancy pillows are designed to support your body. The best one is shaped like a horseshoe, with long sections to support your back and belly, plus a comfortable curve to keep your head and neck aligned. You can tuck an end between your knees for even greater comfort, if you like. Prices start well under $100.

3. Speaking of support, what about your pregnant belly and your always-aching back? The Babybellyband by Cabea comes in a variety of configurations, and is made of lightweight fabric for outstanding comfort. It’s an outstanding solution for round ligament pain, and it also helps to prevent discomfort in the abdominal and hip areas.

Optional add-ons like shoulder straps help even more, making it easier to get through daily activities. Once you’ve given birth, you can continue to use the belly band for support as your body regains its pre-pregnancy shape. Prices start around $45, with add-ons starting around $25.

4. Looking great is easier when wardrobe essentials are taken care of for you. The Mommylicious 6-Piece Belly Box contains an assortment of comfortable basics that you can mix and match with one another and with existing wardrobe items. You get a pair of full panel leggings, an adjustable skirt that can be worn above or below the belly, an adjustable spaghetti-strap tank top, an off-the-shoulder dolman top, and a flowing knot-front cardigan.

The kit also includes a cute crew-neck tee with your choice of the Mommylicious signature logo, “It’s a boy!”, “It’s a girl”, or “Twins” in sparkly crystals on the front. The kit is surprisingly affordable, at just $130 for all six foundation pieces. Mommylicious also carries a variety of cute, comfortable maternity tops and dresses for every occasion.

5. Lots of new moms are breastfeeding these days. It’s great for your baby, but supporting your little one can be a bit uncomfortable. That’s where the Nursie comes in. It’s a cute, cylindrical pillow that fits over your forearm, keeping you perfectly comfortable while offering plenty of support for your little one.

The Nursie comes in a variety of contemporary designs, and the inside is lined with the softest, cushiest fabric imaginable. Priced at under $40, this incredible pillow is worth its weight in gold.

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