Baby Health - Find Answers To Your Baby's Health And Safety Issues

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than your baby's health and wellbeing. This is something that we at understand very well, which is why we offer support to parents in our dedicated Baby Health section. Here you'll find general information on key baby health and safety issues, based on the types of questions parents ask all the time.

Baby Health Care

A good baby health care service is essential at the beginning of your child's life. You'll need a reliable pediatrics clinic - to help you deal with the challenges of infant care - as well as information on vaccines, common baby infections, allergies, etc. Quality breastfeeding support from your health care provider is also a plus.

Baby Safety

Early baby health and safety concerns crop up in every area of daily life - not surprising really, as your baby is completely dependent on you for its survival at this early stage. That's why you need a safe parenting plan for your children, covering: infant health and nutrition, driver safety, baby first aid care kits, and accident prevention in the home.

Baby Products

The relationship between the baby products you buy and your baby's health is twofold. Firstly, there are products such as baby thermometers and baby monitors which protect your baby's health and detect early warning signs of illness; and secondly, there are products such as baby strollers, cribs and toys which you must make sure are safe, and won't hurt your baby in any way.

Baby Feeding

What could be more important for your baby's development than the food you feed him? Whether you're feeding baby formula or breastfeeding him - there are certain nutrition issues that you need to be aware of. For example, how long should you breastfeed? And when can you move on to solid baby foods?

Baby Teething

The symptoms of teething are one of the more stressful baby development experiences for parents and infants. You should know how to spot signs of early baby teething and how to relieve excessive drooling and excessive crankiness. Good luck!

Baby Skin Care

Babies' skin is very sensitive, making infants prone to diaper rash and even skin conditions such as baby eczema. Find out when to seek medical help with baby skin care. And of course, don't forget baby sun protection.

Baby Books

Baby books are great sources of baby health and safety guidance - but how much information is too much? Is it better to look out for diabetes and autism symptoms at this early stage or does this cause needless worry? Get recommendations for the best wellness and baby nutrition books.

Baby First Aid

Giving first aid to a baby is a lot different to giving first aid to an adult, so unless you have training, it may be best to let the medical professionals deal with problems in all but the most immediate emergencies (such as baby choking - here you have to intervene). Perhaps a baby first aid course would help you to feel more confident.

Health And Nutrition

Baby health and nutrition plays in important role in baby development. Find out where to get the best sources of baby food advice - for example, are there certain foods you should strive to avoid or include in your baby's diet? Will the food you give her now have an impact on her wellbeing in later life?

Baby Boys

As you might expect, baby boys and baby girls have some different health and development issues - but there are many health considerations that they have in common too. Parents of first babies often ask about the difference between baby boy and baby girl diapers and how to bathe baby boys properly. Of course they want to know about more lighthearted issues such as baby boy names and clothes too!

Baby Monitors

Although very rare, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a fear in the back of many parents' minds. That's why a lot of Moms and Dads feel more comfortable having a baby monitor in their baby's room when their child is sleeping. Find out which baby monitor best suits your needs, and how to use it.

Baby Girls

If you're the parent of a baby girl, you may be wondering how her care differs to that needed by a baby boy - find out more about baby girl breastfeeding and bathing, as well as naming and dressing baby girls.

Baby Gates

Once your baby starts moving around, your baby gate will become your best friend. This important baby safety device can stop your crawling baby getting into rooms which contain hazards (for the example the kitchen or bathroom). Find out about baby gate safety issues and user guidelines.

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