Baby Gate - Find The Right Baby Gate For Your Home Or Outdoor Living

Baby gates are a useful child safety product which can help to prevent accidents in your home or garden. Gates increase baby safety by blocking your baby's access to certain rooms or other potentially dangerous areas of the house, like the stairs, for example. You can use this baby product to keep your child in a certain area of our home, or out of another one, depending on your needs.

Baby gates really become relevant once your baby starts crawling and walking - your baby doesn't know there are knives in the kitchen - but baby gate may prevent him finding out the hard way.

Indoor Baby Gates

Indoor baby gates help to prevent accidents in kitchens and bathrooms or on stairways and balconies. They generally protect children's health by blocking off doorways. Gates come in all shapes and sizes and in different materials (wood, metal, plastic). You can easily find indoor baby gates that coordinate with the décor of your home.

Some indoor baby gates are fixed permanently to the door frame, whereas others are pressure mounted, meaning that you can remove the gate when you've finished using it at the end of the day. Look for a gate that can be opened easily by you, but that locks securely so that your child can't open it himself.

Balcony gates

Balconies are dangerous areas for infants to wander into unsupervised. If you want to keep your balcony doors open to have fresh air, but you're worried that your child may get onto your balcony without you being there, erect a baby gate at the access point to your balcony.

Using a balcony shield to block off the gaps between the balcony posts, or putting your child in a play pen when he's playing on the balcony, are important additional baby safety measures.

Staircase Gates

A baby gate at the top or bottom of your staircase will stop your baby falling down the stairs or crawling up them unsupervised in search of new adventures. A shield device similar to a balcony shield can be used along the staircase posts on the upper floor of your home to stop your child climbing through the gaps in between them.

Rooms You Should Gate

Bathroom safety is an important infant care issue. Aside from the presence of water, bathrooms also contain lots of small items that adults use, like razors and tweezers, that you wouldn't want your baby to get his hands on. Don't forget the soap and shampoo, and your baby's tendency to put anything and everything in his mouth! Use a baby gate to stop your child entering your bathroom unsupervised.

Likewise, the types of equipment and sharp items that you find in kitchens make these rooms an obvious candidate for having a baby gate installed in the doorway.

Outdoor Baby Gates

Outdoor baby gates are designed to maximize your child's safety in your garden, or on your porch or deck. In addition to gates that will stop your child leaving the garden or deck area, you can also buy shielding that will stop your baby getting through the gaps between the deck posts or your garden fence.

Baby Gate Products

To be sure you're buying a safe baby gate, look for one that has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Evenflo, GMI, Kidco and Cardinal Gates are just some of the many gate producers that are JMPA approved.

Baby Gate Safety

Baby gates are a supplement to but never a substitute for parental supervision. The only way to be sure that your child is safe is to be constantly aware of his whereabouts.

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