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Ash - October 12

does anyone know if the pencil test (w/ needle) is very accurate? I heard that it is and its saying Im having a girl, but I wondered what everyone else heard ab it?


starr - October 22

its not with a pencil its with a piece of hair and a ring and you use it like a pendlum


name - October 23

i've heard a needle and thread


Cathy - November 8

My sister is pregnant with her 3rd child. She heard about this pencil test, and now we have done it on everyone! My niece is also pregnant, and we had a shower for her just this past weekend. My niece, according to the pencil test is having a girl...she also has had an ultra-sound and confirmed that she is having a girl. Not only does this test supposedly tell you the s_x of your child, but it will give you the child birth history on someone who is not pregnant. My mom had 8 children, and I watched my sister do the pencil test to her, and watched it give the s_x of each child, IN ORDER, including her final pregnacy which she miscarried on. I then watched another sister do it to my mom, with the exact same result. Recently I did the pencil test on my mom, and again, it gave the history of each birth, in order! I have five sisters, and all but one of us has kids, and the pencil test gave history-exactly!-on each of us! I have read different theories on how the pencil test works, this is how we did it. Threaded needle goes in the center of the eraser on a pencil, dangle the pencil over your wrist, and will start to go in circles, then it will go up and down (like from fingers to elbow) for a boy, or side to side for a girl, then it will start to circle again, and proceed to the next child. It circled in between each side to side, or up and down motion, indicating it was going on to the next child. My mom had a girl, boy, girl, girl, boy, girl, girl, girl, girl, and miscarried a boy. Then pencil test tracked this perfectly. It completely b__ws my mind, and I have no idea why or how this theory came about, but I am a firm believer that this test works! Good luck!


Liz - November 8

You can also try looking up the Chinese calendar of conception.


ryan - December 9

I'm sorry, but if you seriously believe a pencil is going to determine the gender of your baby, don't. The way that test works, as in, it shows same results over and over again, is because of the high affinity of graphite (lead in pencil) and your blood. The determining factor of the baby's gender... chance...50% exactly...simple biology will tell that to anybody.


giver of info - December 18

If you r truly interested in knowing the s_x of your unborn child, have an ultrasound. This is a reliable test, unlike other folk methods which simply rely on chance, such as the pendulum test. Also, it should be noted that the foods you eat during pregnancy play no role in determining the s_x of your baby. S_x is determined early on by DNA received from the fathers sperm, ie; whether the baby inherits an X or Y s_x chromosome.


Liz - December 18

Which way is which? Back and forth is a boy or girl?


geetanjali - December 20

i never heard about this. even if nobody didn't tell me about this. during my 1st pregency my friend tell me about chinease calander but no body told me about this.


Ashley - December 27

I recently had my baby girl 7 months ago. My friend did the pencil test on me and it said I would have a girl which I did.


Nikki - January 4

Of course not. How could a pencil tell the s_x of your baby? Maybe you should flip a coin, this would be just as accurate. There is only two guesses, two sides of a coin and only two ways a pendulum can swing. It's a 50/50 chance!


Notclosedminded - January 5

The pencil test was done also at a baby shower I attended and it too provided accurate results. When the test gives the accurate history of more than one child AND in the right order of s_x, that is NOT a 50/50 type chance happening. A test with one result may seem to be a 50/50 chance but when you do get 4 or as previously reported 8 or 9 results accurate and IN ORDER of the s_x.....just because there may not be an obvious scientific explanation apparent now, doesn't mean it can't be true. Have fun with it and don't take it too seriously. We all know there are ways to be certain of the s_x of the child whether you choose to wait until it's birth or have proven medical procedures preformed. Most important is that no matter male or female that it is healthy! Good luck!


Kevin Brown - January 5

I own a baby store and have tested over 200 people with this test and have never been wrong.


Crystal H - January 14

OK, I just did it a few times and got "girl" every time. We have our unltrasound on the 27th, but I'm not due until the end of June. The Chinese lunar calendar also said "girl". I'll let you know what the u/s says, but they aren't always accurate either. I hope this is right though :)


fort - January 20

i may believe if i knew how to do the pencil test


judith - January 22

i want to know if i am having a girl


Tonya - January 23

Yes, it works. I have 2 children and it was accurate for what I had. It also worked on my family.



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