5 Weeks Pregnant No Fetal Pole Or Yolk Sac

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matty - December 6

i found out about my preganancy last monday and went to my GYN on thursday. blood tests were performed and everything was fine. i went for an u/s last friday which reports no fetal pole or yolk sac. i saw my GYN again today who took blood to make sure my hormone levels were steady and rising (last week they were 15,000). i am really scared to death right now. i'm scheduled for another u/s at the end of this week but i don't know how normal or common this might be. the doctor suggested that they're off on weeks ant it might be too soon or that it's just stopped growing. i'm so scared right now. has this happened to anyone?


Jennifer - December 6

Apparently, this is fairly common. They couldn't find mine with u/s at that stage either. They rely on the HcG levels and how quickly they are doubling. I am sure you will see your baby soon. Afterall, 15,000 HCG ain't too shabby! Try to relax and enjoy!


L - December 7

I am in the same boat only I have had bleeding and spotting for 10 days. I am getting more HCG done today and thursday. Last time they did them they were rising and that was good. Good luck and Keep me posted.


Jennifer - December 7

I have been right where you are. I have tow healthy children and have had two miscarriages. When I was pregnant with my second child I went for an u/s. We thought I was about 9 wks. They only saw a sac and a fetal pole. I went back 5 days later still the same thing. The u/s tech was scheduling me for a d&c. I wouldn't have it done because I was having no other signs of miscarriage. One week later I had another u/s. We saw a hb immediately. The whole time my hcg levels were declining. I went on to have a very healthy baby girl who is 5 now.


J - December 7

I had the same result on ultrasound at 5 weeks. Sometimes the drs. machines are outdated or in my case, my uterus was tipped and they were unable to see anything. My HCG levels were going up accordingly so I tried not to worry. I am now 24 weeks along and everything has been fine ever since. I went to the rest of my ultrasounds at the hospital. Good luck and don't worry. It's very common! I would never let them do an ultrasound at 5 weeks if I had to do it all over again. Wait until 6-7.


matty - December 7

Thanks for yoru response Jennifer. I spoke to my gyn today who told me that my hCg levels rose to a little over 22,000 so that's not too bad for 6 weeks (which i just reached... i was 5 at the time of the u/s). I'm still scheduled for another u/s this friday and i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that things have developed. :-)


matty - December 7

thanks, J. i'm starting to second guess letting them have performed an u/s so early on. at least i know that my hCg levels went up and i'm excited about that. i'm still a bit nervous but i just have to be hopeful and think good thoughts. i think what worries me most is that i really am not feeling anything (morning sickness, nausea, major mood swings) other than b___st tenderness but really expected to. i know it's not a bad sign if i don't but it just seems so odd to me...


L - December 8

Update--- I am glad to here so far your getting good news Matty. I was able to see a yolk sac and ring but no fetal pole. My HCG is at 12000 and I am 5 weeks and 3 days according to the US. I think that number is ok from what my doctor says and I feel good.


Jenn - December 8

The exact same thing happened to me. I went for an ultrasound when I thought I was about 9wks pregnant. The u/s tech said there was a sac but the baby had not formed. I went back a week later she said the same thing. She was on the phone sched. a d&c. I wouldn't do it because I had symptoms of being pregnant with no spotting or anything. Ten days later I went to another doctor for a u/s. We saw a hb instantly. My little girl is now 5 years old.


matty - December 8

well jen congratulations on your little girl (although she is 5 years old). :-) i just can't wait for friday to get here already... it's my second u/s and hopefully my little one has made some progress... i just keep being told that a lot can happen in 1 week so i'm hoping that's the case. i'm really glad to know that i'm not alone in all of this... that i'm not the only one this has happened to.


matty - December 13

UPDATE: my second u/s didn't go as well as we'd hoped. my hCG levels did go up to about 32,000 but they still didn't see a yolk sac or fetal pole and since they're dating me at six weeks they don't see this as a good sign. i'm deterring scheduling a D&C until after a third u/s, which is scheduled for this thursday, and i'm going to see the doctor again today to have my hCG levels tested. i'm just trying to stay optimistic through all of this...


matty - December 17

UPDATE: i went for another u/s yesterday. they finally saw a fetal pole and detected a heartbeat. my hCG on monday was at 53,000. i was quite excited until i met with my doctor yesterday afternoon and she told me that they found the sac to be irregularly shaped and that it's viable but an abnormal pregnancy. this is so hard for me right now b/c they're basically just telling that they would be suprised if the baby made it. last week my doctor told me that it wasn't likely for the pregnancy to develop and now there's something there but they're still telling me that it's not likely to survive. i have to go for another u/s in 10 days and i will then find out what the next step will be. they dated me at 6 wks., 5 days.


TO matty - December 21

Hi matty, I've been following your posts now for a few days. I really hope things are going well for you. I am in a similar boat now. I am six weeks today and went in yesterday for an U/S, because I had been bleeding all weekend. They found the sac and the yolk sac, but she couldn't find a fetal pole, although she thought she saw it on the side wall of the sac, she wasn't sure. They weren't even gonna take blood yesterday for HCG levels, but I insisted, and I will go back on Wednesday morning to have it drawn again. They scheduled me for another U/S on Monday next week, but I thought at least with knowing my HCG levels, I could get a partial answer anyway. When I go in tomorrow, I'm going to insist pretty hard that they put me on the progesterone suppositories, because I've read enough to see that it can save a pregnancy, but can't harm it. They usually don't test for progesterone deficiencies until after a 3rd m/c, and I am not going to wait that long. I know HCG and progesterone are closely related, but am not quite sure how they work together. I hope everything turns out well for you matty, and keep us posted.


glenda - December 21

It has been helpful reading all your post. I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I am supposed to be 8wks4days. I went for my first u/s yesterday. There was no heartbeat. The doctor only saw a sac. My heart just dropped. She has tried to rea__sure me that maybe I am not as far along as they thought. She suggested checking my HCG levels before I left. She called me today and mine were 6570. Doesnt sound that high to me. I go back in the morning for another blood test which I should find out the results on Thursday. I sure hope it doubles! I wish everyone the best of luck!


Luisa - December 22

im scared too. im supposed to be around 6wks and i'm going for another u/s this friday. Last friday there was a gestational and yolk sac without a hb. The more I read the more frustrated I become at how casual the ob's have become at playing with our hearts. Maybe they should be reading some of these websites. I didn't have an u/s with my first (he's now 4). I have all the symptoms, nauscea, fatigue, swelling so I'm praying for the best Christmas present ever. My best wishes go out to all of you. Keep on posting, it really helps


Heather - December 29

Hello All- I have an u/s yesterday and they found no fetal pole. According to the size of the gestational sac I should be 5 weeks 3 days along. On monday of this week my HCG levels were at 9500... however, over the last two days I have decrease tenderness in my b___sts and feel different than two days ago. This will be my fourth pregnancy of which one of them produced a lovely little girl who is now two years old. I miscarried my first one and had a molar pregnancy after my little girl. I am hoping for the best and would love to hear from you all. God bless.


ibchick - December 30

Thank god I found this site! I just had an u/s today since I was having some ovarian cramping...it was not a tubal and they did see a YOLK and a Sac but not an embryo yet..my Dr. thinks Im 6 weeks and the u/s says about 5...this is my very first and I am scared to death!! Im glad that other people are going through what Im going through with good results!! Pray for me



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