7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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rose5309 - December 1

Great... I'm so happy for you. I am still so confused on why doctors jump the gun so early on offering a DNC. I'm so glad you waited and urge future readers to do the same. This is why I continue to post on this forum. I look at my son everyday and think how close I was to a DNC because of an empty sac. BTW I feel that there should be better information to be given to women in this situation. Like a pamphlet that informs women that a blighted pregnancy has no fetal pole and is very rare. It would be nice for doctors to only recommend a DNC after a 10 week period to ensure that there diagnosis is correct. Perhaps to a doctor its a easy fix but to a women its her child.


h_gina - December 2

thanks rose!actually you are right!I really got the motivation to wait and all the answers from other girls as well are also very helpful and it encourage you to think positive :) .Its really bad that the doctors gave us a straight answer right a way without thinking tht How hard it for us to even listen to their wording about DNC


wishfulbabybump11 - December 5

So it looks like alot of us are in the same boat. In my case I had my surge Oct 29th and had our 2nd IUI.. On Nov 15th i took my first hpt and was positive.. went in for bw on the 16th and hcg was 541 and prog was 50. which they thought was high.. I continued to be poked a few times every 48hrs to be monitored.. I only went up to 741 48hrs later which worried the doc.. low and behold today I was 7 weeks 1 day and the doctor can still only see a larger gestational sac. After having my BW done about 10 times and 4-5 U/S I am just numb! My doctor says the sac only measures 5 weeks which he says in abnormal since he knows when I surged. Has this happened to anyone else who had IUI? anyway he says I can wait another 10 days and Ill go back on the 14th to scan one more time but he thinks it is NOT a viable preg. I of coarse am hertbroken and dont want to give up hope after reading some of these amazing stories... but I clearly see nothing in the sac with my own eyes... I want to pa__s the P myself but I dont knwo what to think anymore. BTW my levels continue to rise from 3800 to 9500 to 12772 and my prog level went from 50 50 49 38 32 28 13...anyone have a similiar story with a good outcome? I want to hold onto hope.. My body says I am pregnant and I have not had one drop of any spotting whatsoever. HELP/?? any insight would help...


rose5309 - December 6

Yes like I posted before they did not see my baby till I was 10 weeks. The doctor told me that I also had to rush for a DNC. My advice, just wait it out. Your levels are continuing to go up. This is good but not reliable, HCG levels are not an exact science.. The truth is you are pregnant right now. Continue going once a week for an U/S. Only time will tell. I had 3 doctors and 2 techs tell me my pregnancy was not viable. One day at a time sweety. I have been writing on this forum for a year and although not everybody updates us on what happens I have heard more success stories then bad ones. PS: I clearly seen my sac empty as well but after 4 or 5 U/S I finally seen my baby and he was huge. A lot can happen in a little amount of time. Hoping the best for you :)


mytwoloves - December 8

I'm glad I found this post. It's giving me hope. :) I am supposed to be about 7-8 weeks pregnant with my third child. I started lightly bleeding/cramping 2 days ago. I had my HCG levels tested to see if I could get an ultrasound and my level was 13,000 (they seemed to think this was kind of high for how far along I was?). It got worse, so I went to the ER. They did an internal ultrasound. The sonographer didn't really say much, but both my husband and I saw what appeared to be 2 round sacs on the ultrasound. She also seemed to think I wasn't as far along as I thought? They said they did not find any fetus or heartbeat. They also tested my HCG levels again and went down to 10,000. They sent me home and said I was having a miscarriage. Could I have been pregnant with twins and lost 1?? Could it be too early to detect a fetus/heartbeat yet?? And if I was pregnant with twins, would that cause my HCG levels to go down?? So many questions unanswered. I guess I will be following up with my regular doctor.


wishfulbabybump11 - December 8

staying positive and hopeful.. a christmas miracle


katie3489 - December 11

I just has my first ultrasound a few days ago. They seen a sac and yolk sac,but no fetal pole. They told me i was somewhere between 5-6 weeks along, but would not give me an exact date. The doctor phoned the next day and booked me in for another ultrasound in two weeks which would be 23/12. I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle, but i must say its going to be a long couple weeks, I am so worried they won't find the baby when i go back. The doctor never told me if it was normal or not to see a baby at that point.


mystihill1921 - December 15

i went for my first sonagam and the see the yoke sac but no heart beat and my hcg keep rising i am a lil worryed


wishfulbabybump11 - December 15

"so I took 4 pills at 4:30 this morning v____ally and a perkasit orally.. At abut 6:30 am I started to have cotton mouth chills, severe pains, vomiting, bathroom duties. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I hate to scare people but I want you to know what you are getting into. This lasted till about 9:30 -9:45 am. I thought i was going to literally die. I was alone which didnt help the situation. Make sure you have someone with you. i didnt have one drop of blood just severe cramping and contractions. i ended up falling asleep due to how much vomit I had thrown up. i felt like my stomach was being uprooted. Anyway i slept from 9:45 to about 10:30 am. Woke up with mild cramping and felt 500% better. I called the doc to let them know that it was 12 and i still didnt start to bleed at all. They suggested to relax and see if it works within the next few hrs. At about 3:45 I started went to the bathroom and bled heavily. Hopefully the process has started but I actually called my doc and said i couldnt do the pills again. I just didnt have it in me.. they thought that the perk might be the cause of the vomiting...I am scheduled to go back in tomorrow to do usound and check if placenta pa__sed. If not we are scheduling a D&C on Monday. sorry girls wish I had better news... but i did want to share since it could happen to you. good luck and baby dust to you all. Oh I started to use a heating pad at about 2 and I think it helped tremendously.. havent taken it off my belly... mild cramping now.. def tolerable... good luck to you all and I pray that you all have misdiagnosis....."


mytwoloves - December 15

So I visited my doctor yesterday and he confirmed it was a miscarriage. My HCG level yesterday was 6000. It seems like it should have dropped more than that. Last Monday my level was 13000 and then 2 days later it was 10000. So it dropped 3000 in 2 days and then only 4000 in 7 days. Seems weird to me? He did give me the 4 pills also. I have not taken them yet, and am not sure I really want to. My bleeding seems to be slowing down and I haven't had any cramping for a couple of days. I am supposed to go back in 2 weeks to check my levels again. We'll see what happens.


lesia - December 18

Hi mytwoloves, I am very sorry for what you are going through :( I went through 3 of these since last december. I'm nearly 7 weeks on my 4th and it's my longest holding pregnancy yet. My first MC was a missed miscarriage. Had some spotting and a u/s revealed a dead fetus at 5 weeks and 6 days even though I was 10 weeks. My body wasn't recognizing the loss so I opted for the D&C. I can't tell you how gross it felt to me to have something dead inside me even though it was my own baby. My suggestion is try to continue to have a natural miscarriage if you can wait... I couldn't cuz of the whole dead thing. I recovered really quickly from my surgery and since have had no problems getting pregnant. Complications for that surgery are very rare, it's such a common one that those doctors do. Plus they even have the opportunity to conduct tests on the remains. Good luck with whatever option you end up having and I hope you have a viable pregnancy once you recover.


lesia - December 18

How far along are you? It's not uncommon to not see/hear a heartbeat before 6 weeks.


mytwoloves - December 19

Well, unfortunately since my last post, I did miscarry. :( By now I should have been about 9-10 weeks. At the time they did the ultrasound, I was 7-8 weeks. They didn't see any baby or heartbeat. I still in my heart believe that it was twins.(I only miscarried 1) On the ultrasound my husband and I saw 2 sacs(both appeared empty?), and on the monitor it said fetal A and fetal B. It could be possible that I wasn't as far along as I thought? Since the birth of my last child, my periods have been a little irregular. I am supposed to go back in a couple of weeks and have my HCG levels checked again. My doctor did give the 4 pills to take to help pa__s everything. I can't bring myself to take them though, just in case their is another baby in there. I guess I have to wait until then. I know I am getting my hopes up for nothing though. :(


kathy123 - December 22

Hi everyone...I just had my 3rd ultra sound and it measured 8 weeks but is still empty. Last week the technician said I measured 4 weeks and it was empty. I should be at 8 as the new tech told me and according to my dates which are very accurate. Has anyone had an empty sac at 8 weeks and still had a healthy baby? My doctor recommended a DNC and I'm scared.


lesia - December 22

I'm sorry I haven't heard of a case like this, not sure if it could take longer to be seen but I wouldn't be surprised. Did the Dr say it was a possibility? Was there no way to chk for a heartbeat even without a visual. Try another us in a week or so maybe and get ur hcg lvls checked out. Praying for you, let us know what happens. Take care and don't make any quick decisions, drs can be wrong and miracles do happen.


mytwoloves - December 22

I asked the doctor about the 2 sacs, (at the time I wasn't really thinking clearly or listening close because he wasn't saying what I wanted to hear) but he never said anything about not having a viable baby in there yet. So I guess I have to wait until next week when I get my HCG levels checked again. If they are still high or rising, I will request an ultrasound. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I have read so many stories on the internet that give me hope.



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