Can A Cyst On My Overies Prevent Getting Pregnant

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Clarica - December 5

hey everyone well i just found outt hat i have acyst on my right overy and on novermber 22nd it burst, the last 2 months i havent been able to get pregnant, does anyone know if i should be able know or would i have to get the fluid from the cyst bursting drianed out first and then try. ...Thanks tons Clarisa?HeLp?


momma713 - February 11



momma713 - February 11

I have had several cyst since i was 14 years on and off. Most of them ruptured which was pretty painful. Ive only had to have one surgicaly removed which was in June. I am 8 weeks pregnant and my ultra sound shows a cyst and the lady that saw it told me it was normal its called a pregnancy cryst i forgot to talk to my doctor about it b/c there was enough going on but has anyone heard of that?Ive been hurting like i do when i get the cryst thats why i did the ultra sound.


sarah - March 7

Hey everyone, I got a question I am 16 and think I have CYSTS but thing is I refuse to ever step foot into a gynatologist room! I read a lot of you are or did get pregnant with cyts, but if I never went to get them removed would it decrease my chances of getting pregnant? NO, i do not want to know to get pregnant now though! I mean for when I am way, way older! To add on to that question if I do have cyts would mine rupture as well, that sounds very painful...Oh and how is it one ends up getting cyts?


sweethoney1987 - April 1

i just want to doctor because i havent had my period for 8 months.they told me that i small cysts on bothsides of my ovaries.can cyst pervent me from getting pregnant and ovulating????????


cmg1511 - July 2

Hi i recently went to the doctors to get a pelvic ultrasound for irregular periods and ?'s to see why i was not getting pregnant and i got a call back from the doctors and she said i have a cyst on my right overy, and they cannot see my left overy. She questioned if i had it removed and i i never did, as far as i new i had 2. I guess my question is, Can i get pregnant with having a cyst and "One Overy" if i only have one?


jen327 - July 3

I have PCOS too - I tried to get pregnant for years. The cysts won't cause you not to get pregnant, but the hormones that go along with it will cause you not to ovulate. The cysts are formed when the egg is not completely released. I was on Metformin for a few months before I became pregnant.


andrea m - November 11

hi i have had a large overian cyst which was removed about a year a go. it was atached to one overie which had to be removed aswell. me and my partner are wanting to start a family and iam getting worryed that i carnt get pregnant with only having one overie please can anyone help i carnt stop thinking about it .


annab - November 11

andrea m my friend got pregnant having just one ovary so keep positive. She had to get one of her ovaries removed and then 2-3 months later she was pregnant.


martine - August 18

Hiya everyone, ive just been surfing the net with the hope of finding some info and its bought me here! Can you help?... i have been trying to get pregnant for just over a year with no luck, then discovered i had a cyst the size of an orange so had it removed from my right ovary two weeks ago, my questions are, 1) could this big cyst be the reason for not getting pregnant 2) how long should we wait before trying and hopefully getting pregnant? Thanks so much for taking the time, any help would be ma__sively appreciated as trying to get a docs appointment is about as easy as finding a new dentist! m x


Stephy Paige - March 2

I am 18 years old. i have been having probelms with cysts since i was 14. when i was 16 i found out i had PCOS. i have neverhad a period on my own and was put on birth control to regulate them. last week i was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at school from the stomach pain. they told me once again i had cysts on my ovaries and they were rather large. the only thing i ever wanted growing up was to be a mom. now im terrified i will never get that chance. i love kids and i want to have one. Please if anyone has a story similar to mine please i just need some ounce of hope and faith.


jersey12grl29 - November 1

I have been battling ovarian cysts for about a yr now and i have already had one surgery to remove the cyst but it has come back and i have been trying to get pregnant but i am having a large amount of difficulty...i think the cysts do have something to do with that


vincyjay - December 14

Today my ultra-sound show I have a 4cm cyst on my left ovary. Is that the reason why I was unable to get pregnant? My doctor is gonna remove it in a few weeks.


brizzyb - June 4

Last June went to ER and turned out had an etopic pregnancy and when they began the procedure they found two cyst the size of baseb___s on my ovary and fallopian tube which caused me to miscarry (was 10 wks along) and they removed my left ovary and fallopian tube. Back in May had same conditions just not as extreme and found out there's another cyst on the other side just above the ovary and the Dr's don't want to operate until it is necessary since it is my only ovary and haven't had a child and my husband and I are trying, so we have are trying to remain positive.


bvega - June 23

im 19 years old and i have come to find i have mulitple cysts on my ovary's i found out from a pain i was having on my side. it was only 3 cm on my right and grew to two 6 cms on my right and one 6 cm on my left now too. i went to serverl hospitals and doctors and they told me that they dont want to take them out or do anything untill they get bigger but i havent been back in a couple months to see but they are hurting really bad and im nervouse that one day i wont be able to have kids. the doctors told me i probley wont either way but birth control would help my period because each month is that feeling like im in labor throwing up and everything for the first day but i refuse to take birth control cause im not worried about regulating my period because its fine im just more worried about the pain and the growth and not being able to experiance having a baby of my own.....


cuttiepiee - March 22

I Have One Cyst On My Riqht Ovary Nd ii Think I Miqht Be Pregnant. I Have Done Pregnancy Test Some Come Out Postive And Some Come Out Negative. I have Also Ben Bleeding And Having Bad Pains... One Pointt ii Thought I Lost The Baby But Did A Test And It Came Out Postive What Are My chances Of Being Pregnant And Or Getting Pregnant ?



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